PopTrayU Themes

Applies only to PopTrayU 5.0+

Give PopTrayU a Unique Look

PopTrayU now supports full skinning through VCL Styles. Similar to a windows theme, but these styles apply at the application level. A few styles are included in the core executable, however, many additional styles or themes can be downloaded and used with PopTrayU. VCL Styles are a standard format that can be used by any Delphi-based application that supports this feature, so styles can be interchanged between programs that support VCL styles.

Where Can I Get More Themes?

How To Install a Downloaded Theme

Compatible theme files use a *.VSF extension. Place the theme file(s) in any directory on your computer. You could make a sub-folder under your PopTrayU ini/settings folder for themes, or place them whereever you like. Click the Options Tab in PopTrayU's main window, and then select the Visual Appearance category. Look for the "Theme" label, and press the "..." button next to the themes drop-down. Select your theme file (*.vsf) and press ok on the file select dialog. The theme, presuming it is valid, will be immediately applied so you can preview it. When you press "Save Options", the path and filename of the theme will be saved in PopTray.ini so it can be reloaded every time you restart PopTrayU. If the current theme is moved or removed, the application will default back to the Windows theme (no theme).