Open-Source Email Notifier for Windows

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What's New
Updated SSL Plugin

If you use SSL, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you update your SSL Plugin for PoptrayU as soon as possible. Download the updated version here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/poptrayupop3ssl/
It is fine to install as an upgrade over the previous version.

The version number of the updated DLL files are or 1.0.1g. Previously PopTrayU distributed OpenSSL, which is one of the versions affected by a critical security bug, the "heartbleed" vulnerability. (Read more about ...

PopTrayU 5.0 Beta 9 Released

I've released a new version to fix most of the most common errors reported about the previous version.

"Preview Top Lines" and the blacklist editor screen are now once again working. There is better handling of certain SASL login failures, as well as fixes for memory access crashes while creating or testing new accounts.

Known issue: Logging into Gmail via IMAP with SASL (or Auto) authentication mode may not succeed. Workaround: On the accounts tab, press "Advanced >>" to show the advanced account options, and change "Authentication" to ...

PopTrayU 5.0 Beta 8 Released

This release fixes several types of less common but unnecessary crashes, many of which are related to having an empty inbox. The bug reporting tool also now allows user to select whether to save the bug report to a file or send bug report by email.

PopTrayU 5.0 Beta 7 Released

Preview Window
Unsafe content blocking added (javascript, java, activex, etc)
HTML preview will now print in HTML
HTML preview now correctly opens more links in the default browser (https and new window links)
Printer selection dialog before printing
* When "show images" is disabled, all external content downloads should now be blocked (to enable image blocking, right click on the toolbar while previewing an HTML message and select the option from the pop up menu, or use the keyboard shortcut ...

Have you fallen in love with the fabulous open-source email notifier program Poptray, created by Renier Crause? But you're running a newer version of Windows than PopTray was designed for? Or get lots of UTF-8 encoded emails from Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest, and so forth that don't display correctly in PopTray? Now there's a new option. Developer Jessica Brown has taken the open-source code from PopTray and built upon it to create PopTrayU. All the things you love about PopTray, minus a few things you didn't!
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