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Next Release In Development discussion

Maybe it's time for a new email app. One named IMAPTray. With all the bells and whistles an IMAP app can have. Let PopTrayU continue to access IMAP accounts but not with the sophistication a full fledged app can bring. Two small apps, rather than one big one, should be easier to maintain and each should run faster.

Something to think about.

Next Release In Development discussion

I was hoping for a rule condition, actually. Specifically, I have a TON of different rules in Gmail to apply labels, and instead of duplicating those rules in PopTray, I'd prefer to just say, if Gmail label matches "Receipts", change tray icon to green. That said, I like all of your ideas as well, particularly label display in the message list.

Also, a %LABELS% macro for the Execute File action would be great.

Next Release In Development discussion

Great suggestion. Can you tell me a little about what you envision as far as a use case of how you would want to use this feature?

Would you just want a new rule action "add gmail label" (and/or remove label?) Or would you also want to be able to select a message from the message list and add a specific label? Or view what labels are assigned to a specific message in the message list? Automatically display label information in some manner?

I'll probably start with just rule (and possibly toolbar) actions for adding or removing labels for now, ...

Next Release In Development discussion

Not a bug (so I'm not posting it in that section), but something I'd love to see in light of your current IMAP focus: rule support for Gmail labels. My workflow would be greatly simplified if I didn't have to maintain one set of rules on Gmail and a duplicate set in PopTray.

Have you fallen in love with the fabulous open-source email notifier program Poptray, created by Renier Crause? But you're running a newer version of Windows than PopTray was designed for? Or get lots of UTF-8 encoded emails from Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest, and so forth that don't display correctly in PopTray? Now there's a new option. Developer Jessica Brown has taken the open-source code from PopTray and built upon it to create PopTrayU. All the things you love about PopTray, minus a few things you didn't!
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