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Fun idea, but from a development perspective, making two apps that do almost the same thing would require a lot of duplication of code under the hood, so it wouldn't work out as well for me the developer as it would for you the end user ;-)

For example, deciding which account to check when...both types of accounts need that. Reading all the settings from the ini file, processing the list of rules/whitelist/blacklist...duplicate again with maybe some very minor differences occasionally. Previewing a message, parsing HTML and email sections...again apply ...

Next Release In Development discussion

Yes, many of us have multiple email accounts but rarely are they of equal importance. The IMAP accounts are less secure than my POP3 accounts as such they are used for less important mail/notifications/etc and they are only checked a couple of times a day where as the others are checked several times an hour.

An efficient PoptrayU app will consume less resources than a blootted IMAP app and will thus not drag on other things that I am doing when checking for mail. When the IMAPTray app runs it can do more things with the IMAP accounts and will ...

Next Release In Development discussion

Sorry, but this is not usefull at all.
There are many poeple which have a mix of Pop3 and IMAP accounts.
This users would have to run 2 tools instead of one.
I guess you are not really programming
because you would not expect PopTrayU to run faster with your suggestion.
There are many other possible enhancements which can be implemented.

Next Release In Development discussion

Maybe it's time for a new email app. One named IMAPTray. With all the bells and whistles an IMAP app can have. Let PopTrayU continue to access IMAP accounts but not with the sophistication a full fledged app can bring. Two small apps, rather than one big one, should be easier to maintain and each should run faster.

Something to think about.

Have you fallen in love with the fabulous open-source email notifier program Poptray, created by Renier Crause? But you're running a newer version of Windows than PopTray was designed for? Or get lots of UTF-8 encoded emails from Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest, and so forth that don't display correctly in PopTray? Now there's a new option. Developer Jessica Brown has taken the open-source code from PopTray and built upon it to create PopTrayU. All the things you love about PopTray, minus a few things you didn't!
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