Open-Source Email Notifier for Windows

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What's New
5.2.2 Stable Released

Since I'm not getting a flood of new bug reports about the last version, and it's working really well on my machine, I've decided to release a new stable version, compiled with optimizations. Changes are fairly minor otherwise, cleaned up unused variables and typecast warnings, improved the password encoding algorithm to support unicode passwords, and added updated translation files for Canadian French.

5.2.1 Now Available!

Highlights Include:
Rules: Add gmail labels with rules. Rules mark messages important on the server (on IMAP accounts)
Translations: New features from the last release are now translatable.
Bug Fixes Imap logging disabled, HTML emails showing up as plain text, EAccessException displaying tooltips

PopTrayU is now on Facebook

In case you missed this behind the read more link in my last post, PopTrayU is now on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PopTrayU A new place where you can find out about new releases, leave feedback or discuss PopTrayU--no sourceforge account required!

5.2.0 Beta Now Available!

Some exiting new features in this release:

Faster & Better Delete has been rewritten for both POP and IMAP to not trigger a full account check in "Delete messages immediately" mode. This makes delete MUCH MUCH faster. And for IMAP accounts delete now uses the UID EXPUNGE command if your mail server supports it, so messages deleted by other clients (like your phone) are not expunged (aka permanantly deleted) when you delete a message using PopTrayU. Additionally, IMAP accounts are now left open between checks which further speeds up ...

Have you fallen in love with the fabulous open-source email notifier program Poptray, created by Renier Crause? But you're running a newer version of Windows than PopTray was designed for? Or get lots of UTF-8 encoded emails from Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest, and so forth that don't display correctly in PopTray? Now there's a new option. Developer Jessica Brown has taken the open-source code from PopTray and built upon it to create PopTrayU. All the things you love about PopTray, minus a few things you didn't!
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Screen-shot of PopTrayU

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