PopTrayU Installer/Uninstaller Translation Guide

Would you like to help translate the installer for PopTrayU into your language? Having the installer translated makes it much easier for non-English speakers to use and configure the software.

Adding a New Language

  • Copy and paste the entire text block below into a text-editor to edit.
  • Replace the parts shown in teal with their equivalent in your language.
  • Don’t translate the orange quotation marks, they are delimiters, not part of the phrase.
  • The grey phrases (everything after the semicolons “;”) are equivalent or alternative phrases provided as a hint to the translator. They do not need to be translated, and may be removed or ignored.
  • You can change LANG_ENGLISH into LANG_WHATEVER or leave that for me to do.
  • The text-color is not important. The text-color shown is just to make the directions clear.
  • Preferred file encoding is UTF-8, but I can convert it for you if needed.
  • Email your translation as an attachment to jojobear99@users.sourceforge.net for inclusion in the next release.

—— start copying below this line —–

LangString mui_welcomepage_title ${LANG_ENGLISH} "PopTrayU Setup Wizard" ; Alt: PopTrayU Installation Wizard
LangString mui_welcomepage_text1 ${LANG_ENGLISH} "This wizard will guide you through the installation of PopTrayU"
LangString mui_welcomepage_text2 ${LANG_ENGLISH} "PopTrayU is a full-featured, open-source, e-mail notifier with an easy to use interface."
LangString mui_finish_dl_ssl_plugin ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Download SSL Plugin" ; Alt: Download PopTrayU SSL-Encryption Module

LangString SEC_PopTrayU ${LANG_ENGLISH} "PopTrayU (required)"
LangString DESC_SecPopTrayU ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Copy PopTrayU application files to the application folder."

LangString SEC_Icons ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Icons"
LangString DESC_SecIcons ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Select the icons to create."

LangString SEC_StartMenuIcons ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Start Menu Icons"
LangString DESC_SecStartMenu ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Create a PopTrayU group under the start menu with icons the the PopTrayU files."

LangString SEC_StartupIcon ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Startup Icon"
LangString DESC_SecStartup ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Automatically start PopTrayU when Windows starts"

LangString SEC_DesktopIcon ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Desktop Icon"
LangString DESC_SecDesktop ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Put PopTrayU icon on the Desktop"

LangString SEC_Lang ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Language files"
LangString DESC_SecLang ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Install the Language files for multi-language PopTrayU."

LangString SEC_SoundFiles ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Sound files"
LangString DESC_SecSound ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Install notification sound files."

LangString SEC_OptionalPlugins ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Optional Plugins" ; Alt: Optional modules
LangString SEC_KeyboardLights ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Keyboard Lights Notification Plugin"
LangString DESC_SecKeyboardLights ${LANG_ENGLISH} "New message notification by turning on or blinking the scroll-lock key light."

LangString title_user_storage_dir ${LANG_ENGLISH} "User Settings Storage Location"
LangString desc_user_storage_dir ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Where should PopTrayU store settings like email accounts and rules?"
LangString ini_storage_appdata ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Current User Appdata Folder (Recommended)"
LangString ini_storage_appdata_desc ${LANG_ENGLISH} "This setting is best for most users, especially if you are using Vista or Windows 7. Each user of this computer will have their own settings folder for PopTrayU."
LangString ini_alluser_appdata ${LANG_ENGLISH} "All Users Appdata Folder"
LangString ini_alluser_appdata_desc ${LANG_ENGLISH} "This setting is best for users who have multiple user accounts on their machine, but want all users of the machine to share the same email accounts and PopTrayU settings."
LangString ini_progfiles ${LANG_ENGLISH} "PopTrayU Installation Folder"
LangString ini_progfiles_desc ${LANG_ENGLISH} "This setting is best for pro users who have UAC disabled, and wish to keep all of PopTrayU's files in one place. Windows 95 users should also select this option."

LangString msg_closing_poptrayu ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Closing existing PopTrayU" ; Alt: close existing instance of PopTrayU
LangString msg_cant_close_poptrayu ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Can't close existing PopTrayU"

LangString mui_header_uninstall ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Uninstall PopTrayU"
LangString mui_subhead_uninstall ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Remove PopTrayU from you computer."

LangString uninstaller_desc ${LANG_ENGLISH} "This wizard will uninstall PopTrayU from your computer.  Click uninstall to continue."
LangString uninstall_from ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Uninstalling from:"
LangString uninstall_remove_config_files ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Remove Configuration Files"

LangString full_install ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Full Installation" ; Alt: Complete Installation
LangString minimum_install ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Minimum Installation"

—— stop copying above this line —–

Improve an Existing Language

If you only have only a couple corrections, it is easiest (for you) if you email jojobear99@users.sourceforge.net and explain which language and what phrase should be corrected. It is helpful if you include an annoted screenshot, showing where the incorrect phrase appears on the UI. You can take screenshots of the active window by pressing ALT-PRINT SCREEN, and pasting them into MS Paint (save as PNG).

If you have a whole bunch of corrections, it may be easier to edit the current translation directly. Start by downloading the current translation from one of the two following files:

Copy and paste the block pertaining to your language into a text-file and follow the new translation instructions above.