Known Issues

Last Updated for 5.2.0

  • Secure Connections under XP
    If you are still using Windows XP, TLS 1.1 or 1.2 may not work. Users of XP might need to use advanced (account) options to specify an older SSL or TLS version if the default settings don’t work when “use SSL/TLS” is enabled.
  • Themes
    Time spinners and right-click menus do not match theme yet. Using themes may prevent Quickhelp from working.
  • MAPI/MAILTO Internationalization
    Replying to emails via MAPI or MAILTO may have internationalization issues.
  • No Automatic Import for PopTray.ini
    If you select a different user data storage location than you were previously using, you must manually copy PopTray.ini as well as rules and whitelist/blacklist files to the new storage location. Re-run setup or use command line parameters if you wish to change the user data storage location.