Report A Bug

Where to Report Your Bug

The best way to report a bug is to Report an Issue is either on the new PopTrayU Bug Tracker or post a message on the Project’s Sourceforge Discussion Forum. TheĀ old PopTrayU Bug Tracker has been retired due to varnish cache server conflicts with Sourceforge hosting.

If you’d like to privately submit a bug report or problematic email message, email instead. Additionally, PopTray has also graciously created a forum on their forums site for discussing PopTrayU, however, I will not get an automatic notification when you post, so responses may be less timely.

How to Write A Good Bug Report

If you suspect a certain email is triggering the problem, including a sample email or header that causes the bug makes bugs exponentially easier to troubleshoot and resolve. Keep in mind that when you forward emails through your mail client, it may re-encode some of the headers with a different encoding of it’s choosing, which is not always helpful for troubleshooting.

How to get raw headers: From PopTrayU, preview the message, and press the save button. Select file type of “text” before pressing ok. Alternatively, click the “raw message” tab in the preview window, and copy and paste the contents into notepad. From Outlook, right click on the message in your inbox, choose “options” and the headers are displayed in the window that appears. Once you have the raw headers, forward them as an attachment.