5.1.3 Beta Release

Since 5.1.2 was rushed to patch that nasty account bug in 5.1.1, there were a couple bug fixes and features that didn’t make it into that release that were almost done. Finally, you can see the first of the new really awesome features I’ve been working on that required “breaking” core functionality to make them happen: IMAP now uses server-side tracking of read/unread status instead of local tracking, for those who check their email from multiple devices. POP3 will continue to track read/unread status locally.


New Features
* IMAP uses read/unread status from the server instead of tracking locally
* IMAP shows message as “important” if it is starred/flagged on the server

Bug Fixes
* Recent beta changes to quick check algorithm caused unnecessary full check when quick checking.
* Leaving IMAP account connected between checks (introduced in 5.1.2) is buggy when multiple IMAP accounts. Rolled back for now.

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5.1.2 beta released

Found a nasty bug in the account edit screen in 5.1.1 that can cause accounts to disappear when editing account information. Beta release users, please upgrade. If you prefer less buggy “stable” releases, please continue to use 5.0.15.


New Features
X-Mailer header is now hidden from the preview window unless X-mailer display is enabled in preview options.

IMAP Mark read/unread actions for the the preview window (still experimental).

Bug Fixes
IMPORTANT! Account editing: switching tabs in 5.1.1 (and possibly 5.1.0?) will cause the wrong tab to display in the UI, so saving accounts will overwrite one or more accounts with a different account.

In older version(s) the progress bar for the preview window did not have the correct z-order and could not be seen depending on which tab was selected.

IMAP Quick Check with “recent messages only” mode enabled was downloading UIDs for all messages in the inbox instead of only the N most recent messages. Eliminating this improved check speed considerably for IMAP.

Some options tabs with quickhelp tooltips were not responding to the quick help cursor and now are selectable. (Known bug: Quick help still does not work when themes are enabled)

Codebase Improvements
Protocol plugins support removed, to make way for IMAP improvements like inbox filtering (eg: unread only) that the plugin architecture was not designed to support.

More refactoring, especially in the account check and preview areas, to facilitate the future possibility of possible future features like background account checking, changing how much of the message downloads on preview, etc.

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5.1.1 Beta Released

Bug-fix to the previously released beta. A few mostly minor bugs addressed.

Download: http://sourceforge.net/projects/poptrayu/files/Beta%20Versions/PopTrayU%205.1.1%20Installer.exe/download

* “Run/test email client” for last account would fail on 5.1.0
* Accounts Authentication Mode dropdown was not translatable.
* French (Canada) translation updated.
* About tab sub-tabs were not sizing correctly in 5.1.0

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5.1.0 Beta Released

This version has a LOT of really awesome new stuff, as such, I have marked this release as a beta, and will wait to make it the default download until it’s been a little more tested and proven. I’ve been testing with this version for a while, and it’s pretty hard to go back to 5.0 versions after using this one. 😉

Some of the most noteworthy new features include:

– an option to limit the inbox size to a fixed number of messages so it won’t take 10 minutes downloading the last three months worth of mail in your IMAP inbox when what you want to see is the newest mail from this week.
– Accounts, Options, and Rules tabs have been redesigned with category panels to make things more organized and easy to find
– Large fonts support. The layout automatically adjusts the positions and sizes of almost everything to accommodate the font choice and current language.
– New categories in the Options tab for options related to Preview and Rules.

Download at: http://sourceforge.net/projects/poptrayu/files/Beta%20Versions/PopTrayU%205.1.0%20Installer.exe/download

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Beta 7 Released

A new release of PopTrayU is now available. If you get emails with international characters, you will probably want to install this release, as the plain-text view on the Preview window can now show a much wider-range of international characters. This release also fixes a user-reported bug where the preview window locks up loading certain invalid html, fixes minor memory leaks, and changes a couple undesirable behaviors.

Full Changelog for this release:

(-) Fixed bug where preview window would freeze loading html-only
emails with invalid HTML including extraneous ‘>’s.
(-) Fixed minor memory leaks setting fonts, refreshing plugins,
and a couple other places.
(+) Now possible to reset all font/color customizations, not just
the main listbox.
(-) Preview window, in plain text view, now supports a wider range
of international characters.
(-) Preview window, pressing “Reply” when the HTML tab is selected
now copies the plain-text version of the email into the reply
window instead of a blank message.

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5.0.15 Released

This update fixes some more user-reported pesky bugs like “Response (last) line started with a * but next word was not a valid response like OK, BAD, etc” when connecting to certain IMAP SSL accounts. Indy Networking Library has been updated again to the latest and greatest for added stability. Save as file has had multiple bug fixes (file types list, removing illegal characters) and one new feature (remembering the filename when you change types). And I’ve dropped the “beta” from this version number, to clarify that this release should actually be fairly stable.

A couple minor changes to the installer too: It wasn’t correctly shutting down PopTrayU during the install, and I’ve updated the file naming scheme to be more user-friendly/readable.

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5.0 beta 14 released

For the sake of superstition, we are skipping beta 13, and hoping beta 14 will be better luck.

Mostly bug fixes in this version. Emails of type multipart/mixed were occasionally incorrectly showing up as plain text instead of HTML, now fixed. Errors with SASL not supported when authentication mode is set to auto have been fixed (in AUTO mode it will automatically retry in PASS authentication mode if SASL fails). Test account finally correctly reports UIDL support again. Some translation/tooltip things fixed on the main interface options tab. and a couple other minor things.

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Beta 4 Released

Beta 4 fixes a sound issue on XP and below. Users who have beta 3 do not need to update unless you have XP or less, as there are no other enhancements in this build.

Beta 3 (which I forgot to announce on this blog apparently) fixed a bug in the installer from beta 2 and adds some customization options for fonts/colors. Users with custom button skins should update their button skin accordingly.

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PopTrayU SSL Plugin 1.0

At long last, I’ve updated the Pop3 with SSL (and/or APOP) plugin from PopTray for PopTrayU.

It can be downloaded from: https://sourceforge.net/projects/poptrayupop3ssl/files/

Internally, it’s almost identical to the PopTray version, excepting the bundled version of the Indy SSL library is the latest (compatible) version available (0.9.8y), and I added some credits to the Plugin’s config page. However, the installer has been completely rewritten for PopTrayU so installation should be a lot easier and nearly automatic. Uninstaller is of course bundled as well.

Like the PopTray plugin, I’ve made the installation of the SSL library an optional component, however, it is completely necessary for the plugin to function. The only reason you wouldn’t want to install the SSL library with the plugin is if you wished to use a different (perhaps someday newer) version of the SSL Library. Should you want to do so the Indy SSL library homepage is: http://www.indyproject.org/Sockets/ssl.en.aspx and you need the latest 0.9.whatever version (not the 1.0.whatever version).

As a fair warning, this is beta software. It seems to work pretty good on my dev machine, but your mileage may vary ;-). Please report bugs if you’d like to see them fixed 😉

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5.0 beta 12 released

This release fixes more bugs old and new. This fixes the following additional issues from beta 10: rules tab translation issues, message numbering being off after deleting for POP until next scheduled check, and UIDL test not correctly reporting UIDL support if CAPA is not implemented by server.

Also new, French (Canada) translation is now fully up to date, and long time annoyance “Max Line Length Exceeded” will no longer cause a message check failure (typically this only happened with spam-like messages anyway, but having to log in from another client to delete the message was a hassle).

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