5.2.6 Released

This is a bug-fix release. If you use IMAP accounts and are using 5.2.5 you should update right away as 5.2.5 has a bug that causes unnecessary log files to be created in your poptray settings folder under a logs subfolder. The log files can safely be deleted at any time.

Download here

Also has other bug fixes such as updating the read status of IMAP messages visually after previewing, crash reporter issues, difficulty updating the per-account checking frequency.

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5.2.5 Now Available!

This release is primarily to address a few additional bugs from recent releases (message not found, connection reset by peer, ignore errors not hiding certain error messages), but it also has one highly requested new feature–you can now re-order the columns in the main window message list. When you exit, the column order is saved and reloaded from the ini file on startup. Enjoy!

Download Link

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5.2.4 Beta Released

I have released a new version that fixes a couple bugs. One of them is a fairly nasty issue, when you change the order of accounts by dragging and dropping them, account data may get scrambled and accounts may get mixed up or lost. As such, I am changing this new bug-patched version to be the default download, even though the version is marked as beta (due to the recent task dialog features which should not affect most users day to day use)

Download: http://sourceforge.net/projects/poptrayu/files/Beta%20Versions/PopTrayU%205.2.4%20Installer.exe/download

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Task Dialogs: Context Sensitive Help

One of the new features in 5.2.3 is using Windows Task Dialogs to provide context-sensitive help. Here’s an example of a new task dialog that appears when you delete an account:


Task dialogs were first introduced by Windows Vista and are commonplace on Windows 7 and above as well, but if you’re still in the “dark ages” using XP which does not natively support task dialogs, do not fret, PopTrayU now ships with (and installs only for XP users) an emulation library (TDEmu.dll) to draw these helpful dialogs for you.

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5.2.3 Beta Now Available

Download 5.2.3 Now

This release has a bunch of small bug fixes for issues identified in the last release (though there’s more to come in the next release as well) and a couple exciting new features: First, in “hide viewed” messages mode, for IMAP, only unread messages will be downloaded. So if you’re one of those people who never empties your inbox, you’ll like this feature. Secondly, context sensitive help to help you solve certain configuration issues using Windows Task Dialogs.

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5.2.2 Stable Released

Since I’m not getting a flood of new bug reports about the last version, and it’s working really well on my machine, I’ve decided to release a new stable version, compiled with optimizations. Changes are fairly minor otherwise, cleaned up unused variables and typecast warnings, improved the password encoding algorithm to support unicode passwords, and added updated translation files for Canadian French.

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5.2.1 Now Available!

Highlights Include:
Rules: Add gmail labels with rules. Rules mark messages important on the server (on IMAP accounts)
Translations: New features from the last release are now translatable.
Bug Fixes Imap logging disabled, HTML emails showing up as plain text, EAccessException displaying tooltips

Download here

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5.2.0 Beta Now Available!

Some exiting new features in this beta release! Download here http://sourceforge.net/projects/poptrayu/files/Beta%20Versions/PopTrayU%205.2.0%20Installer.exe/download

**Faster & Better** Delete has been rewritten for both POP and IMAP to not trigger a full account check in “Delete messages immediately” mode. This makes delete MUCH MUCH faster. And for IMAP accounts delete now uses the UID EXPUNGE command if your mail server supports it, so messages deleted by other clients (like your phone) are not expunged (aka permanantly deleted) when you delete a message using PopTrayU. Additionally, IMAP accounts are now left open between checks which further speeds up actions like delete, preview, and mark read/unread.

**Import and export accounts.** You can import accounts from an export you’ve created or any manually backed up PopTray.ini file.

**IMAP Server Features** There are a whole set of new features for controlling “things on the server” so you don’t have to log into webmail accounts to do simple things like star an email. You can mark things as important, read or unread, add or remove Gmail labels, archive messages, and move deleted emails to the IMAP deleted items folder, and move deleted spam to the IMAP Junk folder. Rules support for these features will be forthcoming in a future release.

And PopTrayU is now on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PopTrayU Come give PopTrayU a like and feel free to try out the new facebook page to give feedback or discuss PopTrayU–no sourceforge account required!

Detailed changelog for this release: http://poptrayu.sourceforge.net/changelog.php

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Next Release In Development

I’m working on a new release of PopTrayU. It’s going to have some more fun new IMAP features like moving spam messages to the server’s spam folder on delete and likewise for trash. Hopefully “archive” on the server for gmail too if I can get that working.

But…I know there’s also some lingering bugs in 5.1.5 that I haven’t been able to stomp out yet. So now’s your chance to hop on over to the PopTrayU discussion board on Sourceforge and weigh in about which are the most important bugs that I should prioritize.

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5.1.4 Beta Release

The last beta still had a few kind of annoying bugs like getting stuck in a continuous mail checking loop if you deleted a message on a POP account with “limit inbox size” enabled…and some debug logging that may cause access protection errors depending on your UAC settings. So I’m re-releasing again.


New Features
* “Mark” Toolbar menu on Preview Window to mark as read/unread or flagged/unflagged
* Right click action to reset preview window toolbar (does a backup but restore can only be done manually)
* Large icons set added for main window toolbar (must “customize” toolbar to enable this)

Bug Fixes
* POP: deleting messsage(s) with “limit inbox size” set to a small number causes continous re-checking instead of deleting.
* IMAP: recent beta(s): preview was not working until second mail check for a given account. (still todo: fix this issue when “top lines” mode enabled)
* Logging turned off. 5.1.3 only had some logging turned on that may generate log files in either the folder where the application is installed (causing crash reporter on some versions of windows) and/or in the PopTrayU ini/settings folder. log files may need manual deleting at this time (debug.log and imap*.log)
* Change to notification sound conditions (ignorecount) for messages deleted by rules.

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