Revision History – PopTrayU Versions 4.x

Revision History

PopTrayU Versions 4.x

4.1 (beta 2)
(-) Accounts toolbar follows toolbar theme correctly
(-) Fixed positioning issue with progress bar in 4.1 beta 1
(-) Fixed hide viewed messages icon in both skin files
(*) IMAP no longer requires a seperate dll/plugin file
(*) Help file updated with changes in 4.1

4.1 (beta 1)
(-) “Copy” right click menu item should now work on HTML message preview.
(+) SASL authentication option for POP3
(+) IMAP plugin bundled with PopTrayU installer
(+) APOP for POP3 built in (no plugin needed)
(+) SSL, APOP, and STARTTLS options built in (except APOP these require OpenSSL to be installed)
(*) Indy Networking components upgraded from Version 9 to 10. Some old protocol plugins may no longer be compatible because of this. However, this allows any stock version of OpenSSL to be used, and IMAP support is supposed to be much more reliable in Indy 10. Add OpenSSL
(*) Plugin interface has new optional methods for configuring SSL and authentication methods
(+) Option to change between dark and light toolbar color/image themes
(-) Fixed word spacing don’t check this account on Accounts page
(-) Poptray Skin files updated to match current images in the executable
(*) German translation updated for 4.1

Version 4.0.10
(-) Added “utf8” (without a dash) to the supported encodings list.
(-) Handle some partially encoded subjects/headers better.

Version 4.0.9
(+) Now you can set do not (automatically) check hours on a per account basis.
(-) Panel needed to set Timer Interval per account was not showing up immediately after setting timer interval per account
(-) Fixed Interval settings page to resize labels correctly for non-english languages.
(-) Fixed a couple spelling mistakes and inconsistent capitalization
(*) Updated German and Blank translation files for latest version of PopTrayU.

Version 4.0.8
(*) Upgraded Indy Components from 9.0.18 to 9.0.53. This should improve stability and reduce network-related bugs in general.
(-) Fix fatal Access Violation downloading certain specific email headers.

Version 4.0.7
(-) Fixed bug where preview window would freeze loading html-only emails with invalid HTML including extraneous ‘>’s.
(-) Fixed minor memory leaks setting fonts, refreshing plugins, and a couple other places.
(+) Now possible to reset all font/color customizations, not just the main listbox.
(-) Preview window, in plain text view, now supports a wider range of international characters.
(-) Preview window, pressing “Reply” when the HTML tab is selected now copies the plain-text version of the email into the reply window instead of a blank message.
(-) Links beginning with http:// are opened in the default browser from HTML preview window.

Version 4.0.6
(+) Custom is now an option in the list of choices for account colors. No more being limited to VGA colors for tray icon colors.
(*) Options screens have been re-organized to be easier to navigate. No options have been removed, but a few have been renamed or moved to a different screen. Locations in PopTray.ini remain unchanged for these settings for backward compatibility.
(-) Some options strings renamed from PopTray to PopTrayU for correctness. (still todo: update translations to match)
(*) Some of the images in the program have been updated to give theprogram a more modern feel.
(+) New ability: Disable images on HTML Preview. When images are disabled, certain other tags are filtered as well (script, object). (Still todo: CSS is not filtered, so images can still get through if they are in stylesheet).
(+) Keyboard shortcuts on Preview window. Save: Ctrl-S. Print: Ctrl-P. Reply: Ctrl-R. Delete: Del. Open: Ctrl-O. Toggle Images: Ctrl-I.
(+) HTML stripped from Plain-text view on HTML-only emails (eg: pinterest) (Still todo: Does not yet remove style source code correctly).
(+) When previewing emails marked as spam, automatically switches to the plaintext preview tab, to prevent accidentally downloading spam tracker images.
(+) Default font for Windows Vista/7 changed to Segoe UI 9pt. Default font for XP left as MS Sans Serif 8pt. This makes the app match the usual OS UI.
(+) Visual appearance options added: Change default font for most PopTrayU UI items (global font), and vertical tabs (seperate font).
(+) Visual appearance Message List color selectors simplified. Custom added to dropdowns instead of a seperate button, and now shows user-friendly color names.
(-) Advanced Info Preview Popup now shows international characters instead of question marks like the main window.
(-) Preview Window now displays the subject in international characters for the title bar and subject line (before only UTF-8 and messages in the current code page language displayed correctly).
(+) Installer improved to re-select previous user-settings folder for upgrade installations from beta 2 or above.
(*) Help-file updated to include new features and re-organized options screens.

Version 4.0.5
(-) Running a second instance should bring the first instance to the front
unless /MULTIPLE is specified. Behavior fixed to match PopTray 3.2.
(-) Unexpected subject character page encodings should no longer cause
error: ” is not a valid integer value
(+) Added a new advanced option to prefer balloon popups instead of modal
dialogs (for error messages, when not minimized to tray)

Version 4.0.4
(-) Fixed sounds not playing on Windows Vista since beta 2.

Version 4.0.3
(-) Check for new version of PopTrayU re-enabled
(-) Installer correctly creates directory for PopTray.ini
(+) Visual Appearance dialog in options allows users to customize the font
and colors used by the main window listbox showing new mail. saved to
PopTray.ini and restored on startup. Custom skin template has been
modified to add this new icon.

Version 4.0.2
(-) Fixed broken link to help file on accounts tab
(-) Fixed cancel button positioning on accounts tab
(+) When mail notification sound plays, send sound-sentry notification.
Applies to: Vista or newer with system Accessibility Options enabled.
(*) Notification sounds play at system notification sound volume
instead of shoing a separate volume control for PopTrayU in Vista+
(-) Fixed installer to remove PopTray.ini and PopTray.customize on uninstall
(+) New registry setting to select where PopTray.ini should be stored to
support Vista+ UAC permissions. Set by installer. Command line options
can be used to override this setting.

Version 4.0.1
(+) Added HTML tab to preview window
(*) Changed title format for preview window: now title is just the email’s subject
(*) Display more descriptive results than the socket error number when testing
an account with invalid server selected
(+) Text boxes on “Defaults” options screen resize if window is resized
(-) Options screens now correctly redraws missing labels/buttons on create and resize
(-) UTF-8 encoded email subjects and headers are now decoded and not shown as gibberish
(-) Replaced message list on main window with Unicode-enabled version
Fix applies to: rendering of UTF-8 encoded subjects only at this time, characters
outside current code-page that are not encoded with UTF-8 still display incorrectly.

PoptrayU was forked from PopTray 3.2 Released 2006-09-16. See Revision History

Key: (+) New Feature, (*) Changed Feature, (-) Bug Fixed

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