PopTrayU Revision History Versions 5.1.x

Version 5.1.5 ( April 2015)

Bug Fixes
  • Hide taskbar icon again when minimized to tray and start minimized set.

Version 5.1.4 (April 2015)

New Features
  • “Mark” Toolbar menu on Preview Window to mark as read/unread or flagged/unflagged
  • Right click action to reset preview window toolbar (does a backup but restore can only be done manually)
  • Large icons set added for main window toolbar (must “customize” toolbar to enable this)
Bug Fixes
  • POP: deleting messsage(s) with “limit inbox size” set to a small number causes continous re-checking instead of deleting.
  • IMAP: recent beta(s): preview was not working until second mail check for a given account. (still todo: fix this issue when “top lines” mode enabled)
  • Logging turned off. 5.1.3 only had some logging turned on that may generate log files in either the folder where the application is installed (causing crash reporter on some versions of windows) and/or in the PopTrayU ini/settings folder. log files may need manual deleting at this time (debug.log and imap*.log)
  • Change to notification sound conditions (ignorecount) for messages deleted by rules.

Version 5.1.3 (April 2015)

New Features
  • IMAP uses read/unread status from the server instead of tracking locally
  • IMAP shows message as “important” if it is starred/flagged on the server
Bug Fixes
  • Recent beta changes to quick check algorithm caused unnecessary full check when quick checking.
  • Leaving IMAP account connected between checks (introduced in 5.1.2) is buggy when multiple IMAP accounts. Rolled back for now.


Version 5.1.2 (March 2015)

New Features
  • X-Mailer header is now hidden from the preview window unless X-mailer display is enabled in preview options.
  • IMAP Mark read/unread actions for the the preview window (still experimental).
Bug Fixes
  • IMPORTANT! Account editing: switching tabs in 5.1.1 (and possibly 5.1.0?) will cause the wrong tab to display in the UI, so saving accounts will overwrite one or more accounts with a different account.
  • In older version(s) the progress bar for the preview window did not have the correct z-order and could not be seen depending on which tab was selected.
  • IMAP Quick Check with “recent messages only” mode enabled was downloading UIDs for all messages in the inbox instead of only the N most recent messages. Eliminating this improved check speed considerably for IMAP.
  • Some options tabs with quickhelp tooltips were not responding to the quick help cursor and now are selectable. (Known bug: Quick help still does not work when themes are enabled)
Codebase Improvements
Protocol plugins support removed, to make way for IMAP improvements like inbox filtering (eg: unread only) that the plugin architecture was not designed to support.

More refactoring, especially in the account check and preview areas, to facilitate the future possibility of possible future features like background account checking, changing how much of the message downloads on preview, etc.


Version 5.1.1 (February 2015)

Bug Fixes
  • “Run/test email client” for last account would fail on 5.1.0
  • Accounts Authentication Mode dropdown was not translatable.
  • French (Canada) translation updated.
  • About tab sub-tabs were not sizing correctly in 5.1.0.


Version 5.1.0

New Features
Limit Inbox Size – Have thousands of messages in your inbox and message checks are taking too long? Now you can limit PopTrayU to only download the most recent (by server order) N messages (see Main Window options: Limit Inbox Size)

/TRANSLATE command line parameter. For use by translators. Enables a debug window that will list phrases that may be missing translations.

Large Fonts support! For those who are tired of squinting or use Window’s Large Fonts setting, support has been added throughout the application to resize labels, edits, and other components vertically to accomodate larger font sizes. Support has also been added in several places (where it did not already exist) for correct horizontal resizing. In most cases the resizing code is custom written for each [Please post on the discussion board if you find any part of the application that does not adequately scale for larger fonts..ColorBoxes not sizing is a known issue]

Accounts Tab Redesigned. The accounts tab was getting a bit cluttered with all the additional options that have been added since PopTray 3.2 to accomodate SSL capabilities, as well as other newer features like do not check hours. The configuration options for accounts have been organized into categories to make it easier to create and manage accounts. All the information from your ISP about your account is in one category, for example. PopTrayU behaviors for that account are together. And the fields and boxes all automatically resize and reposition themselves to match the current font and language settings.

Options Tab redesiged. The accounts tabs looked so awesome that I changed the options tab headings to match (using category panels that minimize/unminimize) to the options panes as well. The list of categories has had a few changes. The Advanced Misc. has been eliminated and its options are now merged into several other categories. Defaults was changed to the first category in the options panel as setting the language is often one of the first things new users will want to change. Two new categories have been added: Rules, and Preview Window. The Rules category gathers several existing options that all relate to rule creation into one place. Some options (on all tabs) have had their descriptions changed, or have been changed from checkboxes to dropdowns or vice versa, to make it more clear what the option is choosing between.

Rule edit page modified to have the collapsible categories and auto-sizing as well.

ColorBoxes for selecting colors are now translatable.

“Select All” Toolbar Action added. This is not shown on the toolbar by default.You can add this action to the toolbar by right clicking on it and selecting customize. If you use a tablet or just dislike the keyboard this is a convenient way to select all or no messages.

Bug Fixes
  • Right click-dragging to reorder Rules is back.
  • Rule account dropdown was not enabling the save button after changing rule account.
Codebase Improvements
Most of these changes will have no user-facing impact. But many of them will make the code easier to work with, pave the way for new features that previously weren’t feasible, improve performance, or decrease the likelihood of bugs in certain parts of the code.

  • Collections have been replaced with Generics
  • Accounts Tab, Options Tab, Rules Tab, and About Tab’s contents each moved to it’s own Form/unit, making them much more managable and cohesive units. This required some changes to the translation engine as well
  • Eliminate use of integer msgNum variables througout code as much as possible, pass object references instead.
  • Clean up & refactor Rules.ini reading/writing code. Read whole ini file before updating UI.
  • Translation engine has had some modifications. It’s now a bit more flexible about what it can translate automatically (ComboBoxes, ListViews, TreeViews, Popup Menus/Toolbars), so a bunch of code that used to translate specific items on the UI has been eliminated. Other modifications as well.

Older Versions

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Version 3.x Revision History (PoptrayU was forked from PopTray 3.2 Released 2006-09-16)


(+) New Feature, (*) Changed Feature, (-) Bug Fixed