PopTrayU Revision History: Versions 5.0.1 to 5.0.15

Revision History

PopTrayU Versions 5.0.1 to 5.0.15

Version 5.0.15 (Stable Version)

(-) Fixed error “Response (last) line started with a * but next word was not a valid response like OK, BAD, etc” when connecting to certain IMAP SSL accounts.
(-) Fixed Filename sanitization to remove more characters illegal in filenames like question mark and colon.
(-) Save Email (on preview window) list of types was working erroneously/missing MHT description
(+) Save Email (on preview window) will now remember filename when you change the file type.
(*) Updated Indy Networking Library to latest.
(-) Installer was not correctly closing running PoptrayU 5.0.x
(+) New User-friendly filename scheme for installer

5.0 beta 14

(-) Fix connection error connecting to Hotmail (and other servers) that don’t support SASL
when Authentication mode set to Auto.
(-) Fixed: Test account was still incorrectly reported “UIDL not supported” in beta 12
(+) Temp filename and extension can be overwritten by manually editing ini file.
(-) Emails of type multipart/mixed were occasionally incorrectly showing up as plain
text instead of HTML.
(-) Translation/tooltip issues fixed on Main Interface options tab.
(*) blank.ptlang has been eliminated as it is redundant to language.ptlang
(*) French (Canada) translation updated

5.0 beta 12
(-) “Max line length exceeded” in non-conforming email is no longer treated as an error
and line breaks are silently added if needed, allowing the message to be decoded
and previewable despite invalid headers with no line breaks.
(-) Test Account (POP): More robust fast UIDL test. Fixes erroneous report that UIDL is not
supported if mailserver does not implement the CAPA command but does implement UIDL.
(-) Fixed: Rules Tab remained in English regardless of language selection in 5.0.10-11
(+) French (Canada) translation updated

5.0 beta 11
(-) Fixed minor memory leak populating languages dialog
(-) Fixed error message for previewing a deleted email (previously gave a TProgressBar
out of range error)
(-) Fix EIndexOutOfRange exception when using mail list/checking for messages.

5.0 beta 10
(+) Account color for Rules now includes “Custom” and shows more readable color names, to
be consistent with other color pickers throughout the application.
(+) “Find” option for preview window. Find appears in the message’s right-click menu on the
plain-text and RAW tabs, and has a keyboard shortcut Ctrl-F that works on any tab (so
can be used on the HTML preview tab if you use the keyboard shortcut to bring it up)
(+) New option to automatically close message preview windows when minimized or ‘to tray’
is pressed. See “Main Window” options.
(-) Fix crash when previewing a message that is unexpectedly missing.
(-) Removed disconnect/reconnect between deleting messages and checking for new messages.
(*) Moderate speed improvement downloading large inbox for both IMAP and POP (change to
message indexing to make it faster).
(*) “Test account” rewritten to complete in reasonable amount of time regardless of inbox size.
Now PopTrayU requests message count (STAT) instead of downloading messages and
queries capabilities of the server instead of downloading UIDLs for each message.
(*) IMAP – deleting multiple messages at once is no longer painfully slow. Now sends the
server the entire list of messages to delete as one list of UIDs instead of individually
doing a UID “safe delete” check and then indvidually deleting by relative message number
being individually deleted by message number after doing UID check)
(*) Several non-user facing changes to rules code (“refactoring”)
(-) Rules was not playing correct notification sound in certain (less common) circumstances
(+) Support for previewing MMS text messages added
(+) Sprint (and possibly other) MMS picture messages now display inline in HTML view
(-) Certain attached pictures (with malformed CID) no longer fail to display inline in HTML view.

5.0 beta 9
(-) Fixed “preview top lines”, which has been broken since the indy upgrade (4.1+)
(-) Changes to blacklist via options screen were not saving correctly in prior v 5.0 builds
(-) Handle SASL login failure better when not supported by ISP/server
(-) Fix for memory access crash when auto-check happens while creating a new account.
(-) Pressing “test account” when server name was blank on Pop3 account could cause crash.

5.0 beta 8
(-) Fixed crash when pressing “reply” when no messages left in inbox
(-) Fixed crash from pressing “spam” button when default spam action set to none
(-) Toolbar buttons that require a message to be selected are disabled when changing account tabs or after deleting messages or when all messages have been deleted from the server prior to check.
(-) Fixed crash saving account when “Authentication type” in advanced options was blank or invalid.
(-) Fixed crash when checking messages after previewing an externally deleted message with “ignore retrieve errors” set in options.
(+) Save crash report (in addition to option to report by email) enabled in crash reporting tool.

5.0 beta 7
(+) Preview Window/HTML preview: now blocks unsafe content (javascript, java, activex, frames, IE element behaviors, background sounds) by default.
(+) Preview Window/HTML preview: If show images is disabled, preview should no longer fetch any external content (such as external stylesheets, background images, videos, etc).
(+) Preview Window: Print toolbar button now prints in HTML (rather than plain-text) format when viewing message as HTML and shows a print-preview dialog when print is pressed rather than sending to default printer.
(+) Preview Window: Plain text and raw view print now shows the print dialog rather than sending to the default printer since no option was previously available to print to a non-default printer.
(-) Preview Window: In Html preview, https:// links now open in default browser
(-) Preview Window: In Html preview, links that open in a new window (ones with attribute target=”_blank”) now open in default browser
(-) Preview Window: Fixed crash related to loading a corrupted preview window toolbar customization file.
(-) Custom date/time format with non-default custom format was not working correctly
(-) IMAP: properly disconnect after message check completed
(-) IMAP: Only expunge mailbox one time when deleting multiple messages.
(-) IMAP: Fix erroneous duplicate message display on subsequent checks when quick check enabled.

5.0 (beta 6)
(+) Option to set a custom date/time format for the main window message list
(+) SASL login option for IMAP/IMAP SSL
(*) Indy Networking components upgraded to revision 5011.
(-) Button Skinning code disabled to prevent white ghosted images on options screen.
(-) Installer no longer installs (unused) skin files, properly removes skin files from older versions on uninstall.
(-) Do not treat “Already connected” as an error, instead skip connect and continue message check (Fixes already connected error reported by IMAP users).
(-) Taskbar icon incorrectly shown when startup minimized and minimize to tray selected fixed

5.0 (beta 5)
(+) Show actual link URL in HTML preview window when mouse moves over a link (User requested feature).
(-) Fix Socket Error # 10054 when connecting to IMAP SSL accounts
(-) Fix crash when time seperator is a dot instead of a colon (eg: with Italian regional settings)

5.0 (beta 4)
(*) Missing strings in language files for all remaining languages (except Frisian, Taiwanese, and Valencian) filled in with automated translations.
(-) Fixed a couple problem strings that were not showing up correctly in most languages.
(-) Several Eastern European and Baltic langagues had errors in the conversion to UTF-8 in 5.0 beta 1 that have been fixed.
(*) Indy Networking components upgraded to latest and greatest version
(-) Bug (in indy) that was preventing Reply from correctly filling in the reply-to address when no “reply-to” header is present is fixed.

5.0 (beta 3)
(+) HTML preview now decodes & displays embedded attachment images

5.0 (beta 2)
(-) Fixed bug that notification sounds did not play at all in 5.0 beta 1.
(+) Dutch language translation updated

5.0 (beta 1)
(*) Entire project ported from Delphi 7 (written for windows XP) to Delphi XE4 (written for Windows 7/8).
(+) Porting means… Support for images with alpha-transparency, so buttons and toolbar images look nicer. Many images throughout the app have been updated or replaced to take advantage of this. (Note: Skin.bmp support is broken in this release, as the button skinning code has not beeen re-written to support alpha-transparency yet).
(+) Porting means… The entire look and color scheme of PopTrayU is now skinnable using Delphi VCL Styles
(-) Porting means… Labels no longer randomly disappear when you press Alt or change windows
(-) Porting means… Issues with certain unicode email headers not decoding correctly magically disappear
(-) Porting means… Better and more consistent Unicode support (however MAPI &
mailto may still use ANSI)
(+) New option on Advanced Misc Settings page to disable HTML Preview entirely (user requested feature)
(+) HTML-only emails converted to plain-text are now labeled to indicate they’ve been converted by PopTrayU.
(+) HTML-only to Plain-text conversion now removes excess consecutive blank lines.
(+) Spam toolbar button changed. Default action for this toolbar button is now configurable in Options should you prefer “delete spam” as the spam button.
(+) Compiled with MadExcept bug reporting tool, so if PopTrayU crashes, user can upload a bug-report (with stack trace, and optionally screenshot) directly to PopTrayU’s bug-tracker.
(*) Disabled toolbar buttons on the main toolbar changed from image shadow to grayscale to look nicer
(*) Ini/Settings code refactored to make development easier
(*) Improved debugging capabilities to locate missing/broken translation strings.
(*) Language Files significantly updated for: Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Polish, Serbian, Spanish, and Swedish.
(*) Language files are all UTF-8 instead of misc code-pages, so you can use any language for the UI regardless of your locale.
(*) Tab added to About page to list image credits seperate from component credits.
(*) Help file Updated
(-) Fixes for component positioning for right-to-left languages (Hebrew, Arabic) partially implemented.
(-) Preview.customize (for customized toolbars on the preview window) was incorrectly saving (or at least trying to) in the PopTrayU folder (save may fail under windows 7 depending on security settings). This has been fixed so it now correctly saves to the ini/settings folder. Upgrading users who do not wish to redo their toolbar customizations should manually move this file
(-) Bug fixed: Clicking create (new) account when currently on an SSL enabled account did not correctly reset the port number, leaving invalid default settings.

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