PopTray Version History up to Version 3.2

Revision History
PopTray Versions up to 3.2

PopTray Version History

(+) New feature
(*) Changed feature
(-) Bug fixed

3.2 2006-09-16
(+) Released !!

3.2 (beta 5) RC1 2006-05-06
(+) Switch off Auto-Check when PC is going into Suspend/Standby.
(*) Ask confirmation to delete protected message from Preview.
(-) Fixed Access Violation when adding and deleting blank accounts.
(-) Only scroll to newest message if list not sorted.
(-) Max Line Length increased to 64kb.

3.2 (beta 4) 2006-01-23
(-) Installer: Downgraded to NSIS 2.12

3.2 (beta 3) 2006-01-22
(*) Installer: Updated to NSIS 2.13
(*) When adding a new row in a rule, scroll to it.
(*) Scroll to last message in view while checking.
(-) Access Violation when decoding some subject lines.
(-) Preview fixed when message has no date in header.
(-) Ignore second “Uneven size in DecodeToStream” error.

3.2 (beta 2) 2005-10-15
(+) Added Open Message command to customizable toolbar actions.
(+) Added Open Message command to preview toolbar.
(+) Translation Added: Frisian
(*) Reverted back to Indy 9.0.18
(*) Installer: Updated to NSIS 2.07
(*) Show plugin options on double-click.
(-) Minimize to Tray when clicking icon in TaskBar.
(-) Small bug with floating-point timer intervals fixed.
(-) Access Violation fixed when dragging a newly created account.
(-) Ignore Indy “‘$?i’ is not a valid integer value” error.

3.2 (beta 1) 2005-07-02
(+) Customizable glyphs (skin). (see http://forum.poptray.org/)
(+) Added new rules exe macro: %FROMADDRESS%
(+) Translations Added: Greek, Valencian
(*) Updated to Indy 10.0.52
(*) Installer: Updated to NSIS 2.05
(*) Allow floating-point numbers for timer intervals (half minutes).
(-) Fixed bug where notify plugin was called unnecessary.
(-) Plugins were not initialized after a plugin Refresh. (thanks Attila)

3.1 2005-01-03
(+) Released !!

3.1 (beta 8) RC2 2004-12-16
(+) Translation Added: Lithuanian
(-) Disable “Delete Account” and “Test Account” when no accounts defined.
(-) After deleting account you could get “List index out of bounds” error.

3.1 (beta 7) RC1 2004-09-05
(*) Changed History.txt to latest version at the top.
(*) Added extra method to plug-in interface for ScreenSaver example.
(-) Advanced Info looked blank (column widths were 0).
(-) Possibly fixed bug with ToolBar height being wrong on startup.

3.1 (beta 6) 2004-06-20
(-) AccessViolation when blank lines in header.
(-) NOT part of a rule row transfered to other rules during rule edit.
(-) Didn’t delete hidden messages (when delete on next check on).
(-) Don’t count ignored messages as spam.
(-) Allow blank “From (address)” to be marked as spam.
(-) Invalid Response in POP3 header when clicking stop. (don’t send QUIT).

3.1 (beta 5) 2004-04-24
(+) New Option: “Extra Confirmation when Deleting Protected Messages”.
(-) Ignore Indy “@ Outside Address” error (when not retrieving body).
(-) Fixed bug with Date Sorting and some date formats.
(-) Fixed some minor bugs with No Sort option.
(-) Show Spam marked messages in new mail.
(-) Show 1.x K in statusbar when more than 999 messages.
(-) Show “Still busy checking” if click preview while checking.

3.1 (beta 4) 2004-03-28
(+) New Option: “Show Messages while Checking”.
(+) Translation Added: Galician
(*) Faster screen updates when using new option (experimental).
(*) Sort “Spam Last” also sorts deleted last.
(*) Rule loading/importing code re-structuring.
(*) Protect existing messages when right-click Add to WhiteList.
(*) StatusBar changed to show message count next to a status icon.
(-) Rule rows were copied to wrong rule when row>1 was selected.
(-) Some minor bugs introduced in beta 3 now fixed.
(-) Accounts drag-and-drop using left mouse button again.
(-) During check, show checking trayicon after deleting.
(-) Don’t reset TrayIcon while busy checking and click ShowMessages.
(-) Error during delete switched off Safe Delete for account.
(-) Don’t show deleted and spam messages in tray and info.
(-) Continue with checking when Delete fails.
(-) Fixed false “TimeOut” when previewing quoted-printable messages.
(-) Wait for +OK from POP3 server when sending QUIT command.
(-) Some fields were not reset when creating a new rule.

3.1 (beta 3) 2004-03-08
(-) Fixed bug with adding rules.

3.1 (beta 2) 2004-03-07
(+) New Option: “Delete Mail only on Next Check”.
(+) Undelete added.
(+) Add Rule from right-click according to Subject.
(*) Right-Click Add Rule now creates single rule on multi-selection.
(*) Improved method for deleting from Preview window.
(*) Changed Rule drag-and-drop to Right Mouse Button (more stable).
(*) Added Up/Down buttons to move rules.
(*) Minor AboutBox changes.
(-) Status Rule Row with a Not was not working.
(-) Editing rule row would show previously selected row info.
(-) Adding new rule kept the previous TrayColor selection.
(-) Adding a Rule without first clicking a rule.
(-) Adding a Rule showed previous rule’s number of rows.
(-) Showed numeric status value in rule row instead of description.
(-) Deleting Rule Row could delete wrong row.
(-) Rule rows were not always translated.
(-) Rule Operator (Any Row/All Rows) was not translated.

3.1 (beta 1) 2004-03-03
(+) Regular Expressions in Rules
(+) Multiple Rule Rows with boolean operator.
(+) New Rule Action: Change Tray Color.
(+) New Rule Area: Message Status.
(+) Translation Added: Croation

3.0.3 2004-02-29
(+) “Spam Last” sort option (thanks to Rob Hulswit).
(+) New mouse action: “Stop Checking”.
(+) “Stop Checking” added to right-click menu and toolbar customize.
(*) Stop button stops all accounts.
(*) Reset Global Timer when clicking “Check All”.
(*) Messages keyboard selectable using Ctrl and Space.
(*) Pressing Enter on a Message shows preview.
(-) Ignore Indy “@ Outside Address” error.
(-) Preview body was terminated after a only “.” on a line.
(-) Advanced Info was blank when new messages and msgs deleted by rules.
(-) “Show window on notify” marked messages as viewed while PT open.

3.0.2 2003-12-07
(*) Removed “Donation” button.
(*) UM_PROCESS_MESSAGE for non-Delphi plug-ins.

3.0.1 2003-11-15
(+) Translations Added: Serbian, Estonian.
(*) Changed “Reset Tray” option wording.
(*) Preview: Hide attachments when viewing Raw Message.
(*) Preview: Remember Body/Raw tab.
(-) Empty From (Address) was white listed when blank line in WhiteList.
(-) Replace Tab character with space when writing subject to Rules.log.
(-) Translate “NoName” and “Rule”.

3.0 2003-10-13
(+) Released !!

3.0 (beta 16) RC4 2003-10-08
(*) Shortcut keys for Mark/Unmark Spam.
(*) Swap direction of sort arrows (same as Windows Explorer).
(-) “Don’t Check between” didn’t work across midnight.
(-) First Rule on WinNT gave “List index out of bounds (-1)”.
(-) Clean-up unused terms in blank translation file.
(-) Translate Languages in About.
(-) Size column stay right-aligned when sorted.
(-) Unmark as Spam when selecting to add to WhiteList.
(-) Double-height toolbar.
(-) Minor visual fixes.

3.0 (beta 15) RC3 2003-09-28
(+) Added “LastErrorMsg” to Protocol Plug-ins interface for C++.
(*) Moved languages and sounds to a sub-directory.
(*) Disable Server and Port box when plug-in doesn’t supply port.
(-) Better enabling and disabling of account settings.
(-) Always Refresh plug-ins when viewing them in options.
(-) Ignore when plug-in not found.
(-) ProcessHeader exceptions ignored when “Ignore Retrieve Errors” set.
(-) Error while deleting didn’t update icon and statusbar.
(-) Minor display glitches on WinXP fixed.

3.0 (beta 14) RC2 2003-09-21
(+) Added APOP to POP3SSL plug-in.
(+) Send MsgHeader and MsgBody to Notify plugins.
(*) Use TrueColor icons on tabs in Win9x/Win2000 too.
(*) All Files filter in account email client open dialog.
(-) About tab visual bugs fixed.
(-) Translate Advanced Info form.
(-) Translate “KB”.
(-) Show only new messages in important balloon.
(-) Don’t count ignored messages if hidden.

3.0 (beta 13) RC1 2003-09-14
(*) Set “Quick Checking” and “Safe Delete” on by default.
(*) Remember if account supports UIDL between checks.
(*) Warning when deleting and account doesn’t support UIDL.
(*) Sort Image on column instead of +/- on caption.
(*) Subject sorting ignores “Re:”, “Fwd:”, etc.
(*) Changed PopTray logo on About tab.
(*) Split French translation into “French” and “French (Canada)”.
(-) Message had no icon when invalid priority.
(-) Change cursor to HourGlass while “Test Account”.
(-) “Incompatible Plugin” messages set to “Stay On Top”.
(-) Mark message as spam when right-click add to blacklist.
(-) Read Timeout implemented when no response from server after connect.
(-) Close preview window after retrieve error.
(-) Fixed accelerator keys.
(-) Delete White/Black list file when list empty.

3.0 (beta 12) 2003-09-07
(+) Test Account (show server software and UIDL response).
(*) Changed plugin interface to “stdcall” for C++ compatibility.
(*) Changed execute program restore mode from SW_SHOW to SW_NORMAL.
(*) Different tab icon when account has unviewed messages.
(-) KeyboardLights: Switch off scroll-lock when running email client.
(-) Bug in Indy message processing when body contains “–” on a line.
(-) Wrong message icon in Advanced Info.
(-) Kept adding body to rule criteria when switching option (translated).

3.0 (beta 11) 2003-08-31
(+) Retrieve body if message smaller than a specified size (option).
(*) Removed viewed icon, and replaced with bold/normal text.
(-) “No Sort” resorts messages into order on the server.
(-) Translate Column popup menu.
(-) Untranslatable term fixed in Advanced Options.
(-) Two important rules fired, showed message twice in balloon.
(-) Important Balloon: Didn’t show from address if no name.
(-) Important messages not marked as spam.
(-) Reply with MAPI was sometimes just ignored.

3.0 (beta 10) 2003-08-24
(+) Retrieve body while checking (option).
(+) Rules can look in body if above option ticked.
(+) New Spam DropDown button.
(+) New rule action to Protect messages from auto-delete/spam-mark.
(+) Started an FAQ in the help file and on the website.
(*) “Del” key press in rule list will delete rule.
(*) Better handling of balloon info on Win9x.
(*) Status icon for Protected/WhiteList messages.
(-) Sort direction wasn’t saved correctly.
(-) Only save customize file if toolbar customize dialog opened.
(-) Strip comments and blank lines when loading translation files.
(-) Quit even if saving to PopTray.ini fails.
(-) Save preview font style and charset.
(-) Balloon on Win9x while minimized.
(-) QuickHelp showed behind form when “Stay on Top” was ticked.
(-) “Stay on Top” flash to rules tab, when checking, removed.
(-) Info column width saving was wrong.
(-) Remove rules from PopTray.ini when creating Rules.ini.

3.0 (beta 9) 2003-07-27
(+) Sort by Message Status (message icon).
(+) Translation Added: Spanish (Chile).
(*) Sort menu moved to column Right-Click.
(*) Replaced “Don’t Show Error Dialogs” with “Ignore Connection Errors”.
(*) Scroll rules list while dragging.
(-) Enable “Del Spam” button when adding spam rule.
(-) Options heading didn’t translate correctly in non-Latin languages.
(-) Account fields disabled when no accounts defined.
(-) When re-ordering accounts, timer intervals weren’t swapped.

3.0 (beta 8) 2003-07-13
(+) Installer: Get possible PopTray 2.x installed directory.
(*) AutoSize option checkboxes.
(*) Save Info window column widths.
(-) AccessViolation when blank lines in header.
(-) Delete Rule didn’t refresh details display.
(-) Don’t minimize when Execute Program fails.
(-) Don’t show error dialogs in Win9x while minimized.
(-) Translate “All Accounts” in rules criteria.
(-) Bug when translation file missing.

3.0 (beta 7) 2003-06-29
(+) Installer: Close running PopTray before installation.
(+) Installer: Remember sections selected.
(+) Installer: Option to uninstall configuration files.
(+) Shift-Click mouse actions.
(+) New mouse actions: “Mark as Viewed”, “Check First Account”.
(+) Added Command-line option /QUIT.
(*) Mark selected messages as spam when creating delete/spam rule.
(*) Select all text on From,To,Subject in Preview.
(-) Scroll-bars when window too small to show account details.
(-) Clicking delete while still busy checking.
(-) Space-bar on message shows preview.

3.0 (beta 6) 2003-06-22
(+) Allow wildcards in White/Black List.
(+) Added “Delete Spam” mouse action.
(*) Only show enabled accounts in Info summary.
(*) Ctrl-Tab switch tabs on Preview.
(*) Updated help file.
(-) AccessViolation when canceling options.
(-) Save/Cancel buttons enabled when showing plug-ins.
(-) Canceling the adding of a new account.
(-) Selecting rules with keyboard didn’t work.

3.0 (beta 5) 2003-06-16
(+) Command-line Options to execute Actions.
(+) New mouse action: “Toggle Sound”.
(*) Shift-Click on “Check” will not do a QuickCheck.
(*) Ask to overwrite when saving and already exists.
(-) Incorrect handle on “Run E-Mail Program” displayed random window.
(-) Default extension (.eml, .txt, .msg) when saving.
(-) Prevent false dragging when slow in redrawing.

3.0 (beta 4) 2003-06-01
(+) Drag-and-Drop re-ordering of accounts.
(+) Drag-and-Drop re-ordering of rules.
(+) Suspend Sound toggle on right-click menu.
(*) Internal: Changed Accounts from dynamic array to collection.
(*) Internal: Changed Rules from dynamic array to collection.
(*) Proportional resize of three buttons on mail tab.
(*) Combination mail status icons possible.
(-) Progress meter mis-aligned.
(-) Advanced Info didn’t close after specified interval.
(-) Deleting account could corrupt rule account criteria.
(-) Unregister hot-key when selecting “None”;

3.0 (beta 3.1) 2003-05-26
(-) Access Violation when translating popup menu.

3.0 (beta 3) 2003-05-25
(+) Translations Added (Chinese).
(*) Play only one notification when new mail in multiple accounts.
(*) Advanced Info with drop shadow (on WinXP).
(*) Changed setup bitmaps.
(-) Time Separator forced to “:”.
(-) Info Balloon didn’t popup on a per account timer.
(-) Disable “Del Spam” button when no spam messages.
(-) Mail context-menu popup after Column context-menu popup.
(-) Don’t mark as Spam when in White List.
(-) Mark BlackList messages as ignored.
(-) Showing Info before accounts loaded caused AccessViolation.

3.0 (beta 2) 2003-05-18
(+) Restrict checking times (option).
(*) Switched URLs to poptray.org
(*) Switched to Nullsoft Installer instead of Inno Setup.
(*) Save Option/Rules list width.
(-) AccessViolation with Advanced Info and Balloon Notification.
(-) Translate “To:” when printing an email.
(-) Disable protocol when no accounts defined.
(-) AccessViolation on “Run E-Mail Client” whn no accounts defined.
(-) Hint blank when using “Rotate TrayIcon” option.
(-) Wrong account count in hint.
(-) Esc didn’t close Preview window when mailbody had focus.
(-) Rule Save button enabled when adding new rule.
(-) AV sometimes when AdvancedInfo “Mark as Viewed” clicked.

3.0 (beta 1) 2003-04-28
(+) Customizable XP-look Toolbars.
(+) Remember Viewed Messages.
(+) Save/Open Attachments.
(+) XP Theme Support.
(+) Preview Attachment icons.
(+) White List & Black List.
(+) Plug-ins (Notify,Protocol).
(+) IMAP4 plug-in.
(+) POP3 over SSL plug-in.
(+) Quick-Checking only retrieves new message headers.
(+) Preview Top n lines only (option).
(+) First wait x seconds before first check (option).
(+) Snap to Screen Edges.
(+) Preview shows Decoded and Raw message.
(+) Save Preview window position (with multiple window support).
(+) Font Customizable in Preview.
(+) Preview Read-Only (option).
(+) TrayIcon indicating busy with Delete.
(+) Hide Viewed Messages (option + button).
(+) Import Rules.
(+) Log Rule Action.
(+) Multiple selection right-click add to rules.
(+) Clickable URL links in Preview.
(+) Right-click add to white/black list.
(+) Mark as Spam & Delete Spam.
(+) BlackList mark as Spam (option).
(+) Info winodow to show new messages and account summary.
(+) Macros in Rules Execute File (e.g. %SUBJECT%).
(+) Translations Added (Arabic,Portuguese,Spanish Latin America,Turkish)
(*) New Look (Icon-Tree) Options.
(*) New Look Rules.
(*) New Look Preview (with CC,X-Mailer too).
(*) Moved rules to different INI file.
(*) TrueColor TrayIcons on WinXP.
(*) Account Color on TrayIcon during checking.
(*) Animated TrayIcon during checking (option).
(*) From preview, reply with selected body text.
(*) Removed MixColors option.
(*) Internal: Changed .mail from dynamic array to collection.
(-) Sort Languages drop-down.
(-) Increased mailto: reply to 2000 chars.
(-) HelpFile when path specified on Command-line.
(-) Add Account didn’t update accounts dropdown in rules.
(-) Prevent duplicate accounts in Queue.
(-) After deleting bottom rule, it was still active.
(-) Use Reply-To header when exists.

2.1 2002-12-05
(+) Released !!

2.1 (beta 13) RC4 2002-12-03
(-) Tab still showing message count after all msgs deleted.

2.1 (beta 12) RC3 2002-12-01
(+) Added a What’s New section in the Help file.
(+) Translations added (Korean).
(*) Removed version history from Help file.
(*) Window height back to beta 9 size.
(-) Translate msgs on info balloon.
(-) Error to retrieve message on Preview, OK grayed out.
(-) Access Violation after deleting from Preview.
(-) “Failed to set tab at index -1” after deleting from Preview.
(-) Set New Messages = 0 when Quick Checking.

2.1 (beta 11) RC2 2002-11-18
(*) Quick Help color changed to default hint color.
(-) Translate Password Window.
(-) Alt-A for Check All didn’t work on all PCs.
(-) Multi-line Tabs cutoff bottom on Accounts screen.
(-) Better transparency handling of e-mail program icons.
(-) Reply with body using mailto: with Outlook (450 chars).
(-) Reply with body using MAPI with Outlook Express.
(-) Viewed icon when message has no Message-ID.

2.1 (beta 10) RC1 2002-11-11
(+) Quick Help on Options screen.
(+) Ctrl-F6 switches Account tabs.
(+) Translations added (Norwegian,Ukranian).
(*) Order Advanced Options into groups.
(-) Options buttons disappeared when small window size.
(-) Close Preview window while busy retrieving.
(-) Decode Charset in “To:” column.
(-) Switching tabs while checking, after deleting.
(-) Delete from Preview when tabs have changed.

2.1 (beta 9) 2002-10-06
(-) Error when previewing last message (introduced in beta 8).
(-) Didn’t delete when “Safe Delete” option off.

2.1 (beta 8) 2002-10-04
(+) New “Safe Delete” option using POP3 UIDL command.
(+) Delete button on Preview window.
(+) Translations added (Taiwan).

2.1 (beta 7) 2002-09-07
(+) Added “NOT Contains” in rules.
(+) Translations Added (Afrikaans,Slovene)
(*) Show less columns in Rules list.
(-) Clear Error when Quick Checking.
(-) Ignore UIDL Errors.
(-) Only show accounts with messages on balloon notification.
(-) Translate languages drop down.

2.1 (beta 6) 2002-08-28
(*) Changed QuickCheck to an option.
(-) Quick Checking didn’t set the last check time.
(-) Don’t show balloon errors when “No Error” option checked.

2.1 (beta 5) 2002-08-19
(+) Quick Checking (using UIDL).
(+) Translations added (Romanian,Slovak).
(*) Re-compiled using released Indy 9.0.10 components.
(-) Right-Click Add Rule was broken in beta 4.

2.1 (beta 4) 2002-06-24
(+) Balloon Notification (Win2000+).
(+) Important Messages (Rule Action Ballon Pop-Up).
(+) Rule apply only to new messages (option).
(+) Specify account in Rule (option).
(+) Log which account a rule fired on.
(+) Translations added (Czech).
(*) Allow upto 999 minute intervals.
(*) All Files filter in open EXE dialog.
(*) Different Tab Icon for Disabled Accounts.
(-) Saving message with a quote (“) in the subject.
(-) Host:Port settings for Delete/Preview.
(-) No Languages broke Accelerator Keys.
(-) Changing to English did not change Rules Drop-Downs.
(-) Multi-line tabs break accounts “timer interval”.

2.1 (beta 3) 2002-05-10
(+) Translations added (Bulgarian,Hebrew,Hungarian,Polish).
(+) Translations added (Russian,Spanish,Swedish).
(*) Changed the “Disabled” icon. (Thanks Curtz)
(-) Saving message with a /,\,*,<,> in the subject.
(-) Translate window caption.
(-) Translate “Still busy checking”.
(-) Port settings for Delete/Preview.

2.1 (beta 2) 2002-04-01
(+) Translatable into other languages.
(+) Translations Added (Catalan,Danish,Dutch,Finnish,French)
(+) Translations Added (German,Italian,Portuguese-Brazil)
(+) Multi-line account tabs (option).
(+) Check only while Minimized (option).
(+) Mouse/HotKey Action for New Message.
(+) Print from Preview window.
(+) User-defined Connection TimeOut.
(+) Command-line option for multiple instances (/MULTIPLE).
(*) Changed About Box (added Translators).
(*) Show Date on Preview.
(-) Swapped [Default Sound] and [Default Program].
(-) Wrong hint text on Accounts Test E-Mail button.
(-) Increased Maximum Line Length
(-) Save Window Position when shutdown.
(-) Delete and Wav action in one rule.

2.1 (beta 1) 2002-02-01
(+) Specify E-Mail Program per Account.
(+) Include some sample Sound Files (thanks Nelinha).
(+) Specify POP3 port using syntax “server:port”.
(+) Option to use MAPI instead of “mailto:”.
(+) Reply on Preview (with body).
(+) Mouse Action to toggle AutoCheck.
(*) Change Icon when AutoCheck disabled.
(*) Show “[Use Default Sound]” when no account sound.
(*) Account Test Sound button plays default sound.
(*) Better Enable/Disable of Account Save/Cancel buttons.
(-) Background color of Mail Client icon in menu.
(-) “Still Busy Deleting” error when failure to connect.
(-) Don’t hide seleced message when losing focus.
(-) Tray Hint show incorrect “checked” time.
(-) Password without “Start Minimized”.

2.0 2002-01-11
(+) Released !!

1.5 (beta 25) 2002-01-11
(+) Not released.
(-) Interval checking stopped working.

1.5 (beta 24) 2002-01-10
(+) Option to ignore Retrieve Errors.
(-) Cancel Account wanted to delete account.
(-) Account Timer interval went to -1.
(-) Better Interval UpDown support.
(-) AutoCheck enabled didn’t work for multiple timers.
(-) Mark all accounts Viewed when running e-mail client.
(-) Decode Preview of message with — on one line.

1.5 (beta 23) 2002-01-09
(*) Update List only when the active tab is being checked.
(-) Timer interval went to -1.
(-) Never button and interval UpDown went out of sync.
(-) Minimun width increased to include Stop button.
(-) Right-click add rule “Equal” -> “Equals”.

1.5 (beta 22) 2002-01-05
(-) Acounts Save/Cancel/Help buttons fixed position.
(-) Check when No Accounts defined.
(-) Minimize/Restore when No Accounts defined.
(-) Delete Account when No Accounts defined.
(-) Changing right-hand tabs when Account not saved.
(-) Minimum FormSize increased for Accounts buttons.

1.5 (beta 21) 2002-01-05
(+) Stop button to disconnect while checking.
(*) Some cosmetic changes.
(*) Changed to 4 generic HotKeys.
(*) Cancel button for Saving Accounts.
(-) Error in retrieving showed empty headers.

1.5 (beta 20) 2002-01-04
(*) Test Sound buttons on Accounts and Rules.
(*) Faster loading of rules.
(-) Delete Confirmation showed incorrect Subject.
(-) “To:” address without space between name and address.
(-) Vertical Tab Captions on Win95.
(-) Invalid Dates: show original text.
(-) E-Mail Client Icon when in Quotes.

1.5 (beta 19) 2002-01-02
(+) Hot-Keys for mouse actions.
(*) Changed default save format to *.EML
(*) Changed text: Animated for Accounts to Rotating Icon.
(-) Date Sorting fixed (broken in beta 18).
(-) SystemHotKey with Stay On Top fixed.
(-) Animated, Rotating TrayIcon with only one account.
(-) Delete Rule still showed the deleted message.
(-) Delete Rule gave error “Still Busy Checking”.

1.5 (beta 18) 2001-12-31
(+) New “To” column.
(+) Show/Hide columns (right-click the column header).
(*) Don’t allow to check while busy checking.
(*) Better Large Fonts support.
(-) Animation fixed for only one account (broken in beta 17).

1.5 (beta 17) 2001-12-28
(+) Animate TrayIcon to display messages in each Account.
(+) Show New Messages.
(+) Ctrl-A select all messages.
(*) Better detection of new messages.
(*) Better detection of viewed messages (per account).
(-) Show Info dialog to the front.

1.5 (beta 16) 2001-12-20
(+) Right-Click add rule.
(+) Show different icon for MIME attachemnts.
(+) Compare methods in rules (Contains,Equals,Empty,Wildcard).
(+) Wildcards allowed in the rules (*,?).
(+) More search areas rules (CC,FromName,FromAddress).
(+) “Toggle Message Window” mouse action added.
(+) Save Message as Outlook Express (*.EML)
(+) Enable/Disable AutoCheck from Tray Menu.
(+) Different Icon if you viewed a message (option).
(*) Rules Save button Enabled/Disabled as needed.
(-) Reset Deleting Flag when Connection Error.
(-) Notify without Tray Icon when Reset Tray option on.

1.5 (beta 15) 2001-11-22
(+) Password protection.
(+) Show MailBox size.
(+) Info Mouse Action.
(*) WindowsXP 48×48 icon.
(-) Prevent saving window position outside screen.
(-) Prevent deleting while busy deleting.
(-) Balloon Hint errors sometimes wrong.
(-) Invalid date errors.

1.5 (beta 14) 2001-11-06
(+) Mouse Buttons now customizable.
(+) “Check and Show” Mouse action added.
(+) Option for “Double-Click delay on Click”.
(+) Ctrl-A selects entire Preview message.
(*) Faster saving of Rules under NT/2000/XP.
(*) Updated Help with new Options/Features.
(*) Removed “Single-Click Check” option.
(-) Show default option tab on start-up.
(-) Balloon Error only if not showing error dialog.
(-) Run E-Mail client twice.
(-) Rules try to delete the same message twice.

1.5 (beta 13) 2001-10-26
(+) Middle-Click checks for mail.
(+) TrayIcon now survives explorer.exe kill.
(+) “Don’t Show Error Dialogs” option added.
(+) Balloon hint on connect error (Win2000+).
(*) True-Color shaded glyphs for buttons.
(*) Double-Click no longer show-window/hide-window.
(*) Options split into Tabs.
(*) Switched to Indy 9 (beta).
(*) Changed to CoolTrayIcon component.
(-) “Check if On-line” code fixed.
(-) Fixed bugs that came with Indy 9.

1.5 (beta 12) 2001-09-28
(+) Rule to Execute a file.
(-) Shutdown (bug in TrayIcon component).

1.5 (beta 11) 2001-09-27
(+) System Hot-Key to check for messages.
(+) Allow only one instance running.
(+) Added “New Message” to TrayMenu.
(+) Option to Check for Mail on Single Click.
(*) Removed the 20 accounts limit.
(*) Changed to Jedi-TaskBarIcon component.
(*) Removed RXLib (smaller exe, less memory).
(*) Changed MAPI code not to look in Registry.
(*) Show “Already Connected” error in StatusBar.
(*) Minimize when clicking “New” button.
(*) Don’t change “To-Tray” button to “Quit” button.
(-) Check for Update with beta > 9.

1.5 (beta 10) 2001-09-21
(+) Drag and Drop files to create attachments.
(+) Minimize to Tray option.
(+) Save Preview window size.
(+) Save Preview window maximized state.
(*) Setup has a new picture.
(-) Setup sets short-cut Start-In directory.
(-) Show Help file from PopTray directory.
(-) Negative count when “Reset Tray” option.

1.5 (beta 9) 2001-09-05
(+) Show from e-mail address in ToolTip.
(+) Forum on my website http://forum.crause.co.za
(*) Click on attachments (preview) to get a list.
(-) Blank password decryption.
(-) Stop on Preview broke MailCheck.

1.5 (beta 8) 2001-08-27
(+) New domain http://poptray.crause.co.za
(+) New contact email address renier@crause.co.za
(*) Update about for new web address.
(*) Update about for new email address.
(*) Update help for new web address.
(*) Update help for new email address.
(-) Show Form on Notification shows mail list.

1.5 (beta 7) 2001-08-24
(+) Detailed HTML Help.
(+) F1 for Help Contents.
(+) Shift-F1 for Context-Sensitive Help.
(-) Don’t Reset TrayIcon when viewing options.
(-) Fixed Tab-Order on Accounts page.

1.5 (beta 6) 2001-08-22
(+) “Check if On-Line” option (untested).
(*) F5 short-cut key to refresh current account.
(-) Some beta 5’s called themselves beta 6.

1.5 (beta 5) 2001-08-21
(+) Check for Update on website.
(-) Right-Click menu didn’t work in NT 4.
(-) Some passwords decrypted incorrectly.
(-) About in tray menu went to Rules tab.
(-) Options in tray menu went to Accounts tab.
(-) Access Violation with “Reset TrayIcon” option.

1.5 (beta 4) 2001-08-17
(+) “New Mail Message” button.
(+) Option to Reset Tray when viewing list.
(+) Help on Options (using tool tips).

1.5 (beta 3) 2001-08-14
(+) New look web site.
(+) Mailing List for new version.
(+) List attachment filenames in Preview hint.
(-) Access Violation with empty password.
(-) Delete Files I created in TempDir.
(-) Preview with no body (only attachments).

1.5 (beta 2) 2001-08-10
(+) Installation Options: Desktop Icon, Startup.
(*) Switched to Inno Setup 2.0
(*) Accounts buttons on ToolBar.
(*) Allow window to be resized smaller.
(*) Auto Scrollbars for Option screens.
(*) Keep users regional DateFormat.
(-) Access Violation when no accounts configured.
(-) Always-on-Top startup position not saved.
(-) Always-on-Top Preview was behind main window.
(-) Preview message that doesn’t exist.

1.5 (beta 1) 2001-07-23
(+) Timer Interval per account (option).
(+) Get Default E-Mail client when none specified.
(+) Multiple Preview windows.
(+) Save Preview Message (TXT or MSG).
(+) Stop Button during Preview download.
(+) Option for Delete Confirmation.
(+) Indicate New/Changed features and bugs in ReadMe.
(*) Moved Accounts to new tab.
(*) New Color Select box.
(*) Progress on Preview screen.
(*) Hot Keys for Preview & Delete (Space & Del).
(*) Default Start-Up Position in Lower-Right corner.
(*) Changed text on “Run E-Mail Client” button.
(*) Show same account in Accounts as in Mail.
(*) Give Error when no E-Mail Client specified.
(-) Allow Command-Line params in E-Mail Program.

1.2.9 2001-04-24
(-) Saving form position when “X Minimizes” option on.
(-) Fixed Large Font support (buttons disappeared).

1.2.8 2001-04-23
(*) ESC key disconnects or minimizes form.
(*) More stable saving of form position.
(*) Better date sorting.
(-) Shutdown bug fixed.

1.2.7 2001-04-10
(+) “X” Close Button minimize (option).
(+) Never Check button.
(*) Shortcut Keys on Options.
(*) Reduced memory usage (used extra mem since 1.2.3).
(*) Filters on Open WAV file.

1.2.6 2001-03-16
(+) Added StatusBar for each account.
(+) Show Connect-Error Icon.
(+) Show Form on Notification (option).
(*) Large Font compatible.
(-) Fixed HandPoint cursor on About links.

1.2.5 2001-03-13
(+) New Rule to Ignore message (don’t notify).
(+) Reply to message using mailto:
(*) Ignored messages will not be included in TrayIcon count.

1.2.4 2001-03-02
(*) Better Password Encryption.
(*) Store Password using printable ASCII only.
(*) Multi-Line Hint on Win2000 only.
(*) Save Sort Column.
(*) Indicate Sort Column.

1.2.3 2001-02-26
(+) Added “Always on Top” option.
(*) Different way of hiding/showing form.

1.2.2 2001-01-24
(+) Added Ability to give path for INI files on commandline.
(*) Increased number of accounts to 20 (on request).
(-) Possible HourGlass cursor when connection fails.

1.2.1 2001-01-22
(+) RightClick menu for Preview & Delete.
(+) Added E-Mail address to About Box.
(*) Save Account button only enabled if Info changed.
(*) HourGlass when checking for Mail and Previewing.
(*) Preview & Delete only enabled when Msg selected.
(-) Preview Disconnect from Server after Msg retrieved.
(-) Preview window OK button resize bug fixed.

1.2 2001-01-19
(+) Added custom color TrayIcon per Account.
(+) Optional Logging of rules (Tab separated file).
(+) Mix Colors if multiple accounts.
(+) Show Last Checked Time in Tray Hint.
(*) Moved Account Info to Options screen.
(*) Check if Account Info is saved when going to another.
(*) Use rectangle in TrayIcon when more than 9 e-mails.
(*) Minimum window size.

1.1.2 2001-01-11
(+) Option to switch off decoding of Preview Message.

1.1.1 2001-01-08
(-) Fixed bug with Interval Option not Saved.

1.1 2000-12-14
(+) Released into the Wild.
(*) Changed name from PopCheck to PopTray.

1.0.2 2000-10-23
(+) Enable/Disable of accounts.

1.0.1 2000-10-20
(+) Beta of Wav/Delete Rules implemented.

1.0 2000-10-18
(+) First (non-beta) Release!

0.95.3 2000-10-13
(-) Options Save and Cancel buttons align to bottom.

0.95.2 2000-10-11
(-) Preview and Delete work correctly after sort.

0.95.1 2000-10-10
(*) Sort descending when clicking column again.

0.95 2000-10-09
(+) Preview Progress meter.
(+) Sort messages when clicking on column headers.
(*) Disable account fields until “Add” pressed.
(-) Show only current message headers in preview.

0.94.2 2000-09-27
(-) Removed debug messages on shutdown.

0.94.1 2000-09-26
(+) Show icon for Priority.

0.94 2000-09-22
(+) Delete an Account
(-) TrayIcon reset when e-mail run (animated too).

0.93.1 2000-09-21
(*) Better error-handling (no msgs while minimized).

0.93 2000-09-21
(*) Switched to Indy POP3 component.
(*) Show name only in From field.
(*) Uses less memory.
(-) Fixed bug with Windows not shutting down.

0.92.3 2000-08-30
(+) Hint changed while checking for mail.
(+) Program Icon on PopUp menu.
(*) TrayIcon reset when e-mail program run.
(-) Fixed bug with WAV not always played.

0.92.2 2000-08-30
(+) Hint show which account the new mail is in.

0.92.1 2000-08-28
(+) ProgressBar while checking mail.
(*) Use a little bit less memory.

0.92 2000-08-25
(+) Check for Mail on Startup.
(+) Minimize when Starting Mail Program.
(+) Multiple Delete added.
(+) Simple password encryption added.

0.91.1 2000-08-25
(+) Added hints in Tray.
(+) Tray blue when messages from multiple accounts.
(*) Close button renamed to “To Tray”.
(-) Delete with no message selected fixed.
(-) From column Read-Only.

0.91 2000-08-25
(-) Fixed Notify with no-mail bug.

0.90 2000-08-25
(+) First Beta release.

Key: (+) New Feature, (*) Changed Feature, (-) Bug Fixed