Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are PopTray plugins compatible with PopTrayU?
A1. Yes, at this time existing PopTray plugins should work as-is in PopTrayU. The plugin interface has not been changed.

Q2. Does the information on the PopTray forums still apply to PopTrayU?
A2. Answers to many questions on the PopTray Forum may be applicable to PopTrayU, unless it is in regards to a part of the application that has been changed. However, please use the PopTrayU Website (not the PopTray Forum) to report bugs relating to PopTrayU.

Q3. Does PopTrayU support webmail (Hotmail,Yahoo,etc.)?
A3. It depends. If your webmail provider has a POP3 interface available, yes. Otherwise, you will need to install a plugin specifically written to connect to your webmail provider. PopTrayU is compatible with PopTray plugins and some but not all major webmail sites are supported through plugins.

Q4. The reply/new buttons don't open the specified e-mail program.
A4. This is how PopTray was originally designed. Since it supports any e-mail client, it cannot know how to specify a reply by just knowing the executable file. Therefore it uses either a "mailto:" link, or Simple-MAPI (depending on the option), which will open your default e-mail client. This functionality has not been changed.

Q5. Can I setup PoptrayU to run in a multi-user environment?
A5. Yes. PopTrayU saves all its settings in the PopTray.ini file. You can specify a different directory for the file on the command-line. By using the command-line
"C:\Program Files\PopTrayU\PopTrayU.exe" "%USERPROFILE%"
or "C:\Program Files\PopTrayU\PopTrayU.exe" "%HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH%"
your PopTray.ini file will be created in your user home directory, which is different for each user on the PC.