Command-line Options
 PopTrayU [Path to INI file] [/MULTIPLE] [/ACTION:actionname] [/QUIT]

MULTIPLE Allow multiple intances of PopTrayU. With this switch and new copy of PopTrayU will be launched. Otherwise the existing running copy of PopTrayU will be given focus.
ACTION Execute one of the Mouse Actions.

The following actions are supported:
  • Show
  • Check
  • RunClient
  • CheckShow
  • Info
  • CheckInfo
  • Window
  • AutoCheck
  • New
  • Sound
  • DelSpam
  • MarkViewed
  • AutoCheckOn
  • AutoCheckOff
  • SoundOn
  • SoundOff
QUIT Closes the running copy of PopTrayU and then exit.

 PopTrayU "C:\Program Files\PopTrayU\" /ACTION:Check

Example to setup multi-user accounts:
PopTrayU, by default, saves all its settings in the PopTrayU directory and would be shared by all users.
You can specify a different directory for each user by using the command-line:
"C:\Program Files\PopTrayU\PopTrayU.exe" "%USERPROFILE%"
"C:\Program Files\PopTrayU\PopTrayU.exe" "%HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH%"
The settings files will then be created in each users home directory, which is different for each user on the PC.