Using PopTrayU with Gmail (or Google Apps)

1. Configure Gmail to Allow IMAP Access

Gmail has started phasing in a preference for logging in to check your email using their own custom (OAuth2) authentication mode. PopTrayU support for OAuth2 isn’t ready yet, so until that feature is ready, you have two choices:

  1. Application Specific Password: Enable 2-step verification on your Gmail account and add an Application-specific password to your security settings, you can use that password to authenticate over a regular SSL/TLS connection.

    Application specific passwords adds a higher level of security for your account, as you can at any time revoke access from a particular application/website/etc. without having to change your password on other devices.

  2. Enable IMAP Access in Gmail Settings: Log into Gmail’s web interface, click the gear icon and enable IMAP access on the IMAP settings page.

    Need a walkthrough? See:

2. Set Up Your Account in PopTrayU

The highlighted sections below should match this example, but you should use your real email address and password.

3. (Optional) Setup the “Run Email Client” button to launch Gmail’s web interface

On the Options->Defaults screen you can specify your favorite email client to run when you press the “Run Email Client” button.

Most email clients can take a URL as a command line parameter. Most email clients are in the system path, so you just need the executable name and the url of the website to launch:

For example:

  • iexplore.exe
  • firefox.exe
  • chrome.exe

If you have more than one linked gmail account, the url needs to be changed to somethibg a little more complicated: will launch the second account, the third, and so on.