Upgrading from PopTray 3.2

Why Upgrade to PopTrayU?

  • More Secure
    PopTrayU supports the latest security standards like SASL authentication and SSL/TLS encryption.
  • Better Unicode & UTF-8 Support
    More and more websites send emails as UTF-8 even when they don’t contain any international characters. These messages are decoded into readable characters instead of displaying as gibberish or question-marks. Characters outside of the current OS code-page are no longer an issue.
  • HTML Email Preview
    An additional tab on the preview window gives you the option of previewing HTML messages in HTML format, with or without images and external content.
  • Better Plain-Text Preview
    Don’t like reading your email in HTML? Emails being sent as HTML-only without a plain-text view are becoming increasingly more common, and now will be automatically converted from HTML to plain-text if needed when you use the plain-text view.
  • Compatible with Windows Vista/7/8/10
    PopTrayU saves application settings in the AppData folder where Windows expects them to be, preventing virtual folder hassles, UAC prompts, or requirements to run as an administrator. Issues with controls not refreshing correctly have been fixed.
  • Custom Fonts & Colors
    More customization options! You can now pick custom colors for each account tray icon, rather than a very limited choice of colors. The default font for the application selects automatically based on the OS version. Don’t like that font? Pick your own favorite font for the application UI instead. Change the colors and fonts for the list of new messages, make things easier to read with a large font, or show more emails at a time with a smaller font.
  • IMAP Support
    Keep your email in sync between your phone or tablet and PC using IMAP instead of POP. The support for IMAP goes far beyond what was offered by the IMAP plugins for PopTray 3.2. Change mail statuses on the server, delete and archive to mail folders on the server, add Gmail labels, or delete spam to Gmail’s spam folder.
  • Many Other New Features
    Although I’ve tried to preserve the well-loved features of PopTray as much as possible, there are many other new features and improvements throughout.

Importing your Accounts & Preferences

This is a frequently asked question. Yes, most of your settings can be imported from your old poptray.ini. Copy poptray.ini and rules.ini (if present) from the PopTray application directory to the PopTrayU settings folder and your settings and accounts will be imported automatically.