Project Dependencies

To Compile PopTrayU

Required IDE: Delphi XE4 Starter

IDE Add-Ons: MadExcept
Can be downloaded free from:
(This could be made optional by adding proper conditional compiler directives)

Delphi Libraries/Project Dependencies

Delphi Libraries Needed:

(some of these are mirrored on PopTrayU’s source code repository)

Cooltray 4.4.0 (Cooltray for Delphi 2010)

OmniThreadLibrary 3.03B



Delphi Dom HTML Parser and Converter – Version 0.96

Microsoft Internet Controls
The TWebBrowser on the preview window is an Active X control that comes with your OS (Windows). Not installing this will result in SHDocVw_TLB not found. In Delphi, Select Component->Import ActiveX Control-> Microsoft Internet Controls (Version 1.1) and press the Install.. Button.

SynTaskDialog – This dependency is already included in the source code directory. It is a wrapper for the Vista/7+ Task Dialog that calls the TaskDialogIndirect function in the windows comctrl32.dll library directly and has it’s own (imperfect) backup rendering option using native Delphi code if the DLL is not available (eg: on XP). I was not satisfied with the rendering of the emulated dialog as it did not support the show-more button, so this library was modified to call TDEmu.dll to render the dialog before falling back to delphi rendering.

Executable Dependencies

To run PopTrayU after compiling, you will also need:

Task Dialog Emulation Library by Korosoft
The TDEmu.dll library realistically simulates the Windows Vista/7+ Task Dialog for Windows XP machines. (optional)

OpenSSL is used for establishing SSL and other secure connections to mail servers.
libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll are the only files from OpenSSL that are needed. These DLLs are not required if secure connections are not used.

Installer Dependencies

The installer is written for the Nullsoft Scriptable Installer System (NSIS). In order to support Unicode translations in the installer, a branched version of the installer is used that supports unicode.

NSIS Unicode – Version 2.46.5
Nullsoft Scriptable Install System. Creates the installer.
see also documentation at
Uses the Modern UI included.

Not required, but recommended for editing the unicode installer script files

Documentation Tools

The .CHM help file is created with Microsoft HTML Help Workshop

Microsoft HTML Help Workshop – Version 1.0

To create and edit the compiled help file (*.chm)

Note: If your computer is up to date on security patches, you may receive an error message part-way through the install saying you already have a newer version. This message is in regards to the bundled help *viewer* that the workshop is attempting to install, not the help workshop itself.