Developer’s Corner

PopTrayU is open-source software. Contributions from the community are welcome in whatever capacity you are able to help.

Ways you can contribute:

Testing & Bug Reporting

Thoroughly testing any parts of PopTrayU that have recent changes mentioned in the revision history and reporting any issues discovered is one of the easiest ways to contribute. Since PopTrayU is highly customizable and has many different ways people use it, there are times that only a certain combination of settings reveals a bug that should be fixed or other issue.

Help Others Discover PopTrayU

Take screenshots of PopTrayU in action for the screenshots page. Write up a tutorial on how to do something nifty using PopTrayU or share an interesting rule that might be useful to others. Contributions like these will be considered for adding to this website.


Are you bilingual? PopTrayU is a multi-lingual application, and volunteers are needed to keep the translations for various languages up to date. The program, installer, and documentation are all areas where translation skills are welcomed. Learn more

Write & Review Code

The source code for PopTrayU is written in Delphi, and the installer is written in a scripting language, Nullsoft Scriptable Installer System (NSIS). If you are a programmer who has access to a recent Delphi IDE, you can submit code patches. If the unfortunate entry-level price-point makes the Delphi IDE out of reach, there are a few other ways you may still be able to help. If you are a pro programmer, you may be able to do a code-review and provide useful advice about how to restructure some code to be more efficient or organized or identify code that might have bugs, even if you don’t have a Delphi IDE to write and test new code. New features that are primarily non-visual and don’t depend heavily on Delphi’s VCL could be written in Free Pascal using the open source Lazarus IDE. Also consider contributions to improve the installer.

Source code can be downloaded here:

Write Documentation

PopTrayU’s help file is written in HTML, and then converted to .chm using the free Microsoft HTML Help Workshop.  If you have writing skills and basic HTML knowledge, improving the help file or other documentation is a way you could contribute. Graphics created for the website or documentation are also welcome.