Quick Tour of PopTrayU

When you launch PopTrayU, it adds an email icon to your system tray. It will look like a plain envelope when you don’t have mail, or it will have an overlay showing the number of new messages when you have new mail.


If you click on the email icon, it will display the main window of PopTrayU, which shows what’s in your inbox:

If you want to quicky read an individual email, without launching your regular email client, select the message you want to preview, and press the preview button on the toolbar. An extra window opens showing a preview of the message:

You can choose whether you’d prefer to preview in HTML, Plain Text, or Raw Message mode.

But before you can do any of that, you need to set up your account(s) using the “Accounts” tab on the main window:

PopTrayU is completely customizable:

You can choose whether the tray icon is an animated star, non-moving star, lightening bolt, or plain while it’s checking for new messges.

You can customize the color of the new messsage count for each account on the accounts tab. It can rotate the icon between the counts for each account, or show a blended color with the total number of new email in all accounts.

You can customize what happens when you left, right, or double click the tray icon. The default when you right-click is to show a pop-up menu:

When new mail arrives, you can be notified by sound, the tray icon, or a popup notification.

This is the “basic” popup notification:

This is the “deluxe” popup notification:

There’s even an option to change the color scheme of the toolbars & icons to match either a light or dark colored theme. Here, the “Twilight” toolbar scheme has been selected in PopTrayU, to coordinate with a 3rd party Windows Theme called Dark Agility:

The fonts used throughout the app automatically adapt to match the standard fonts and sizes used in XP and Vista/Windows 7. But you can also customize many of the fonts and colors:

And did we mention PopTrayU is multi-lingual? Here’s what the accounts page looks like if you change the language to German: