5.2.6 Released

This is a bug-fix release. If you use IMAP accounts and are using 5.2.5 you should update right away as 5.2.5 has a bug that causes unnecessary log files to be created in your poptray settings folder under a logs subfolder. The log files can safely be deleted at any time.

Download here

Also has other bug fixes such as updating the read status of IMAP messages visually after previewing, crash reporter issues, difficulty updating the per-account checking frequency.

Changed Features

  • Don’t disconnect IMAP accounts after preview
  • After preview change read status immediately in Main Window for IMAP
  • Translations updated: Italian, Canadian French

Bug Fixes

  • Crash reporter shown when adding a rule if no existing rule is selected
  • Deleting last rule left some edit fields editable
  • Unnecessary Logging Files created for IMAP accounts in 5.2.5 under settings folder
  • Changing checking frequency per account was not enabling the save button.
  • Crash reporter shown when trying to save INI file if selected ini folder is read-only.

Codebase Improvements

  • Protocol logging controlled by ini file instead of constants
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