5.2.5 Now Available!

This release is primarily to address a few additional bugs from recent releases (message not found, connection reset by peer, ignore errors not hiding certain error messages), but it also has one highly requested new feature–you can now re-order the columns in the main window message list. When you exit, the column order is saved and reloaded from the ini file on startup. Enjoy!

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New Features

  • Re-order columns in the message list in the main window (by drag and drop)

Changed Features

  • Indy Version and OpenSSL version on about dialog now loaded dynamically to reflect the actual version loaded.
  • Indy updated to

Bug Fixes

  • POP deletion behavior has been reverted to do a check for new mail after deleting. This fixes relative message numbers incorrect for POP accounts after deleting (causing “message not found” or incorrect message to be shown on preview)
  • Automatic disconnect/reconnect after sleep/hibernate/connection reset by peer (fixes various “Invalid connection state” errors)
  • Crash reporter was shown for EIdReadTimeout adding star to message in preview window.
  • “AutoCheck Enabled” option on the tray menu disabled when Interval Option “Do not automatically check for new messages” is set.
  • A couple fixes to what error message is shown on certain connect failures (eg: username or password error incorrectly shown after connection reset by peer).
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