5.2.4 Beta Released

I have released a new version that fixes a couple bugs. One of them is a fairly nasty issue, when you change the order of accounts by dragging and dropping them, account data may get scrambled and accounts may get mixed up or lost. As such, I am changing this new bug-patched version to be the default download, even though the version is marked as beta (due to the recent task dialog features which should not affect most users day to day use)

Download: http://sourceforge.net/projects/poptrayu/files/Beta%20Versions/PopTrayU%205.2.4%20Installer.exe/download

Full Changelog:

Version 5.2.4
November 2015
Bug Fixes
* Re-ordering accounts occasionally causes account order to get scrambled and risking account data loss
* Deleting accounts (other than the last one) may cause account data to get scrambled or crash
* After archiving messages, if you switch tabs the message may incorrectly reappear in the message list until the next account check
* “Folder missing” for Archive does not show the fixit task dialog.
* Message count may be incorrect after archiving until next account check

Remaining Known Issues
* Deleting a message from the preview window does not use the “Quick Delete” algorithm
* Archive button cannot be disabled for IMAP accounts when archive folder does not exist.
* some new translatable language strings since 5.2.2 are not documented in the blank translation file yet
* Importing account with zero existing accounts edit leaves fields un-editable until another account is added.

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