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This release has a bunch of small bug fixes for issues identified in the last release (though there’s more to come in the next release as well) and a couple exciting new features: First, in “hide viewed” messages mode, for IMAP, only unread messages will be downloaded. So if you’re one of those people who never empties your inbox, you’ll like this feature. Secondly, context sensitive help to help you solve certain configuration issues using Windows Task Dialogs.

New Features

  • IMAP accounts will only download unread messages (those without the IMAP /seen flag) when in “hide viewed messages” mode (by pressing the more->hide button on the main toolbar, or by setting the option on the Main Window options page). Very helpful for users with thousands of old messages in their inbox and only a handful of new messages. Can be used with “limit inbox size” option if desired.
  • Vista/Win7+ style Task Dialogs (these are emulated for XP) used for certain error messages with more useful options for how to respond to problems:
    • Run Mail Client – Default email client blank
    • Check for Email – Incoming mail server blank
    • Check for Email – Connection closed gracefully because username or password incorrect
    • Delete account
    • Spam or Trash IMAP folder does not exist
  • Notification plugin support disabled, due to lack of useful working plugins.

Changed Features

  • When deleting an account, user is prompted to (optionally) create a backup of the account settings before deleting.
  • Batch update display When changing read/unread status of several messages for faster display
  • When an account is deleted, any rules specific to that account will be set to inactive in addition to the prior behavior of being re-associated with all accounts.
  • A couple defaults changed (only affects new installations, not upgrades)
    • indicate viewed and unviewed messages = true
    • Default tab for preview window = HTML view

Bug Fixes

  • Accounts Tab
    • Account edit dialog not correctly detecting whether or not the account has unsaved changes.
    • Do not check hours boxes were not scaling correctly for large fonts
    • Account don’t check times on accounts screen displaying as AM for both AM and PM.
  • Options Tab
    • The “…” buttons on the Options/Defaults screen were covered by the textbox in certain languages including English.
    • Blacklist Action “Delete” was not displaying properly in the options configuration page
    • Changing advanced option use MAPI instead of Mailto change was not triggering save button to be enabled.
  • Mail Checking
    • When connection reset by peer is detected, make sure to disconnect imap so it can reconnect successfully.
    • Wrong total Messages count displayed on account tab in “hide viewed” mode with “limit inbox size”
  • Deleting Messages
    • Handle EIdReadTimeout exception when connecting to delete a message
    • Deleted messages reappear after changing tabs
    • Deleting message failure not detected correctly (causing other cascading errors)
    • Deleting immediately should only remove message from message list if successful deletion

Known Issues

(these issues have not yet been fixed)

  • After archiving messages, if you switch tabs the message may incorrectly reappear in the message list until the next account check
  • Message count may be incorrect after archiving until next account check
  • Deleting a message from the preview window does not use the “Quick Delete” algorithm
  • Re-ordering accounts occasionally causes account order to get scrambled and risking account data loss
  • “Folder missing” for Archive does not show the fixit task dialog.
  • Archive button cannot be disabled for IMAP accounts when archive folder does not exist.
  • some new translatable language strings since 5.2.2 are not documented in the blank translation file yet
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