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5.2.6 Released

This is a bug-fix release. If you use IMAP accounts and are using 5.2.5 you should update right away as 5.2.5 has a bug that causes unnecessary log files to be created in your poptray settings folder under a logs

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5.2.5 Now Available!

This release is primarily to address a few additional bugs from recent releases (message not found, connection reset by peer, ignore errors not hiding certain error messages), but it also has one highly requested new feature–you can now re-order the

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5.2.4 Beta Released

I have released a new version that fixes a couple bugs. One of them is a fairly nasty issue, when you change the order of accounts by dragging and dropping them, account data may get scrambled and accounts may get

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Task Dialogs: Context Sensitive Help

One of the new features in 5.2.3 is using Windows Task Dialogs to provide context-sensitive help. Here’s an example of a new task dialog that appears when you delete an account: Task dialogs were first introduced by Windows Vista and

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5.2.3 Beta Now Available

Download 5.2.3 Now This release has a bunch of small bug fixes for issues identified in the last release (though there’s more to come in the next release as well) and a couple exciting new features: First, in “hide viewed”

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5.2.2 Stable Released

Since I’m not getting a flood of new bug reports about the last version, and it’s working really well on my machine, I’ve decided to release a new stable version, compiled with optimizations. Changes are fairly minor otherwise, cleaned up

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5.2.1 Now Available!

Highlights Include: Rules: Add gmail labels with rules. Rules mark messages important on the server (on IMAP accounts) Translations: New features from the last release are now translatable. Bug Fixes Imap logging disabled, HTML emails showing up as plain text,

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5.2.0 Beta Now Available!

Some exiting new features in this beta release! Download here **Faster & Better** Delete has been rewritten for both POP and IMAP to not trigger a full account check in “Delete messages immediately” mode. This makes delete MUCH MUCH

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Next Release In Development

I’m working on a new release of PopTrayU. It’s going to have some more fun new IMAP features like moving spam messages to the server’s spam folder on delete and likewise for trash. Hopefully “archive” on the server for gmail

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5.1.4 Beta Release

The last beta still had a few kind of annoying bugs like getting stuck in a continuous mail checking loop if you deleted a message on a POP account with “limit inbox size” enabled…and some debug logging that may cause

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