PopTrayU SSL Plugin 1.0

At long last, I’ve updated the Pop3 with SSL (and/or APOP) plugin from PopTray for PopTrayU.

It can be downloaded from: https://sourceforge.net/projects/poptrayupop3ssl/files/

Internally, it’s almost identical to the PopTray version, excepting the bundled version of the Indy SSL library is the latest (compatible) version available (0.9.8y), and I added some credits to the Plugin’s config page. However, the installer has been completely rewritten for PopTrayU so installation should be a lot easier and nearly automatic. Uninstaller is of course bundled as well.

Like the PopTray plugin, I’ve made the installation of the SSL library an optional component, however, it is completely necessary for the plugin to function. The only reason you wouldn’t want to install the SSL library with the plugin is if you wished to use a different (perhaps someday newer) version of the SSL Library. Should you want to do so the Indy SSL library homepage is: http://www.indyproject.org/Sockets/ssl.en.aspx and you need the latest 0.9.whatever version (not the 1.0.whatever version).

As a fair warning, this is beta software. It seems to work pretty good on my dev machine, but your mileage may vary ;-). Please report bugs if you’d like to see them fixed 😉

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