Beta 7 Released

A new release of PopTrayU is now available. If you get emails with international characters, you will probably want to install this release, as the plain-text view on the Preview window can now show a much wider-range of international characters. This release also fixes a user-reported bug where the preview window locks up loading certain invalid html, fixes minor memory leaks, and changes a couple undesirable behaviors.

Full Changelog for this release:

(-) Fixed bug where preview window would freeze loading html-only
emails with invalid HTML including extraneous ‘>’s.
(-) Fixed minor memory leaks setting fonts, refreshing plugins,
and a couple other places.
(+) Now possible to reset all font/color customizations, not just
the main listbox.
(-) Preview window, in plain text view, now supports a wider range
of international characters.
(-) Preview window, pressing “Reply” when the HTML tab is selected
now copies the plain-text version of the email into the reply
window instead of a blank message.

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