PopTrayU SSL Plugin 1.1

One small (but annoying) bug removed. Previously, on a correctly installed machine, the plugin would give an extraneous error message on first use, “cannot load ssl library”, and then function properly as if there was no problem once you reconnect. So this should cut down on useless error messages that aren’t meaningful.

I’m still looking into figuring out why on some systems the ssl libraries need to be in PopTrayU’s folder, and on other systems they need to be in the plugins folder. Old versions of poptray put the dll’s in Poptray’s directory, and that seemed to work fine at one time, but on my windows 7 dev machine, the dll’s won’t load unless they’re in the plugins directory instead.
If you’d like to help me troubleshoot this, please send me a message at https://sourceforge.net/sendmessage.php?touser=137843 or jojobear99@users.sourceforge.net saying what version of windows you have (and whether it’s 32 or 64 bit) and whether it works better with the ssl dlls in the plugins folder or in the poptrayu folder.

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