PopTrayU 5.0 Beta 7 Released

**Preview Window Enhancements**
Unsafe content blocking added (javascript, java, activex, etc). HTML preview will now print in HTML. HTML preview now correctly opens more links in the default browser (https and new window links). Printer selection dialog shown before printing. When “show images” is disabled, all external content downloads should now be blocked (to enable image blocking, right click on the toolbar while previewing an HTML message and select the option from the pop up menu, or use the keyboard shortcut ctrl-i)

**IMAP Bug-Fixes**
Several bug-fixes for IMAP. Properly disconnecting after checking is now working. Quick check was previously causing the last message to appear in the message list repeatedly in some cases and not update the message count. And an efficiency issue, when deleting several mails at once, expunge is now called only once.

**Other Bug-Fixes**
The custom date/time format enhancement from the previous release did not save and read the desired custom format correctly. This has been fixed.

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