PopTrayU 4.1 beta 1 Released

The 4.1 version of PopTrayU is exciting (well, at least to me) because I’ve finally successfully upgraded the Indy networking components from legacy version 9 to the current version 10. Version 10 does not require special Indy-specific versions of the OpenSSL dlls, which should make it faster and easier to keep up to date with the latest SSL improvements and bug-fixes. This is also an important first step in making the codebase ready to port to a more modern version of Delphi.

**SSL Configuration Options & SASL**
Even more exciting, SSL and APOP functionality is now a part of the core UI for PopTrayU, making SSL more intuitive to use and making room for more optional SSL features, such as (more secure) SASL authentication, and manual override of what SSL/TLS version to use. Due to limitations/bugs in Indy, SASL and APOP available for POP3 and not IMAP at this time. To enable SSL options in PopTrayU 4.1, please download OpenSSL DLLs installer from https://sourceforge.net/projects/poptrayupop3ssl/files/OpenSSL%20for%20PopTray%204.1%2B/

**IMAP Now Included**
To make life easier, the IMAP plugin is now being bundled with the main installer. In this release it is still an external DLL, but future releases, it will be moved to internal code which is a little bit faster. Other than converting the plugin from Indy9 to Indy10 I haven’t spent a lot of debugging yet to fix existing issues in the IMAP plugin, so please let me know if you see any specific bugs. I know I’ve seen issues deleting multiple messages at a time in IMAP resulting in only one message actually deleting.

**Dark Toolbar Theme**
If you use a (third party) theme that has dark background colors, previously, the toolbars and toolbar icons didn’t look so hot, and the colors made things hard to read. In this release, an option to pick between two toolbar color themes is available. Images in the app will toggle between ones designed for dark or light backgrounds when this setting is selected. (Related: the bundled toolbar skin files that come with PopTrayU have been updated to match the images used in the dark and light themes)

**Beta Release Notes**
In the short-term there might be a few hiccups overall with the transition to Indy10, simply because even though things are “supposed to” work the same with the new Indy components, it’s possible there’s some subtle differences that aren’t obvious. The old SSL plugins (the ones written in Delphi that used Indy9) may or may not still work with Indy10, but also shouldn’t be needed since those features are now built in. Other plugins should continue to work.

XP Users: Apparently TLS 1.2 and 1.1 may not be compatible with XP, due to those versions of the protocols being newer than the OS. It is suggested to use the advanced configuration options to change the SSL/TLS version to SSL 3.0 or TLS 1.0 if you encounter connection errors using the “Auto” setting for SSL version. If you see this issue please report, along with what settings, if any, worked good. A smarter “Auto” setting that detects XP and reacts differently may be warranted in future versions.

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