Internationalized Installer Now Available

One of the long-standing problems of PopTrayU (and it’s predecessor PopTray) is that although the program itself has been translated into a vast variety of languages, the installer itself only supported English, making it difficult for non-English speakers to use.

So, to counter this problem, I’ve released a new unicode version of the installer that supports internationalization. The PopTrayU version remains unchanged (4.1 beta 2) at this time, it’s just an updated installer, not a new version of PopTrayU. I went ahead and translated everything into most of the languages PopTray supports using Google Translate’s automated translation tools. The full list of languages the installer supports is available on the new translation section on the website. If you are fluent in one of the languages now available in the installer, and would like to help fine-tune or improve the translations, I’ve set up a page with detailed information about translating the installer.

A couple screenshots:

Just in case there’s any unexpected issues with the new installer, the old old english-only installer will remain available if you look in “all files” on PopTrayU’s downloads section. On the horizon for future versions of the installer, I hope to get it set up so that the installer sets the default language for PopTrayU so a non-english speaker isn’t bombarded with an English user-interface, with no idea how to change it, the first time they run PopTrayU. I’d also like to get some the translations of the main application a bit more up to date. I’ve added information about updating the PopTrayU translations on the website as well if anyone is interested in helping bring your language’s translation up to date.

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