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Internationalized Installer Now Available

One of the long-standing problems of PopTrayU (and it’s predecessor PopTray) is that although the program itself has been translated into a vast variety of languages, the installer itself only supported English, making it difficult for non-English speakers to use.

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PopTrayU 4.1 beta 2 Released

If you’ve upgraded to 4.1 beta 1, you will probably want to update. This release adds a few bug fixes. In 4.1b1 the progress bar was not lined up right, one of the main toolbar icons did not match the

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PopTrayU 4.1 beta 1 Released

The 4.1 version of PopTrayU is exciting (well, at least to me) because I’ve finally successfully upgraded the Indy networking components from legacy version 9 to the current version 10. Version 10 does not require special Indy-specific versions of the

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