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PopTrayU 5.0 Beta 9 Released

I’ve released a new version to fix most of the most common errors reported about the previous version. “Preview Top Lines” and the blacklist editor screen are now once again working. There is better handling of certain SASL login failures,

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PopTrayU 5.0 Beta 8 Released

This release fixes several types of less common but unnecessary crashes, many of which are related to having an empty inbox. The bug reporting tool also now allows user to select whether to save the bug report to a file

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PopTrayU 5.0 Beta 7 Released

**Preview Window Enhancements** Unsafe content blocking added (javascript, java, activex, etc). HTML preview will now print in HTML. HTML preview now correctly opens more links in the default browser (https and new window links). Printer selection dialog shown before printing.

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Upcoming Feature: Image Blocking

Reliable blocking of Images and other external content is finally coming soon! I’ve finally come up with a reliable way to block external content from downloading without having to do the “set internet explorer in offline mode manually” workaround. I’m

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PopTrayU 5.0 Beta 6 released

**IMAP** This release adds SASL support for IMAP, similar to the SASL support already available for POP3. It also fixes “already connected” error on check reported by IMAP users. **Other Bug Fixes** Startup minimized to tray not hiding the taskbar

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PopTrayU 5.0 Beta 5 released

Beta 5 has been released to address a nasty bug that was preventing IMAP SSL accounts from working in most cases. Please let me know if you continue to see issues with IMAP SSL not working. New feature in this

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PopTrayU 5.0 Beta 4 Released

Most of the changes to this version are updating almost all of the remaining out of date translation files to be complete, though the filled in translations for missing strings are automated translations, so not quite as high of quality

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PopTrayU 5.0 Beta 3 Released

HTML Preview just got even better. Now PopTrayU decodes and displays embedded attached images in HTML preview mode. This is a feature I’ve been wanting to add for quite some time, but it was a little bit tricky on the

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PopTrayU 5.0 Beta 2 released

This is a quick bug-fix release to address sounds not playing properly in 5.0 beta 1 (it was an easy to fix issue caused by the Delphi upgrade). The Dutch translation has also been updated.

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PopTrayU 5.0 Beta 1 Released

As I’ve recently upgraded my copy of Delphi, the entire project ported from Delphi 7 (written for windows XP) to Delphi XE4 (written for Windows 7/8). So this is a significant enough improvement to bump the major version number, despite

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