Beta 6 Released

This beta has lots of new and exciting features:

Although not the most significant change, the one I am probably most excited about is the addition of “custom” to the list of colors for the tray icon colors for each account. No more limit to just a handful of colors.

Options for customizing fonts throughout the app have been expanded, and the default font has been modified for Vista/Win7 users to match the Vista/Win7 user experience.

The number of settings in the options screens has been growing with every version and getting overwhelming trying to locate a specific setting. So the entire options section of the application has been re-organized to make settings easier to find, and some items have been re-named for clarity. Their locations and names in PopTray.ini have not been changed to ensure backward compatibility.

More/better unicode support. Now the advanced info preview window shows Unicode, and the preview window has a couple of unicode display bugs fixed/worked around.

Plain-text view will now strip out HTML tags from emails that do not have a plain-text MIME section, so non-html view is more useful for more messages. As a known deficiency, the initial version of this feature does not strip CSS from the style tag.

The HTML view has a new option to strip out images and other remote content (scripts, objects). This feature is not feature-complete yet, there are some deficiencies in the image removal (images loaded from CSS for example), so don’t rely on this to keep spam images from loading yet. But it will speed up message download if you don’t care about images. As a workaround, if you mark a message as spam, when you preview it, the tab will automatically change the plain-text so you can safely preview the message without loading any eternal content like spam trackers.

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