Beta 5 Released

This release has two important bug fixes:

First, multiple instance prevention is no longer broken, and works once more. The option to run with the command line switch /MULTIPLE to allow multiple instances, should you prefer that, is still available as well. S

econdly, some error message clean up. The code for decoding less common code-pages has been improved so it can show accented and foreign characters in more cases now, and a non-sensical error message about ” being not an integer has been fixed and replaced with a more meaningful error message.

There is also a new feature where you can opt to show non-actionable error messages about account retrieval (eg: time-out errors) in a balloon pop-up that automatically closes instead of a modal dialog box that occasionally gets buried under other windows making it hard to close. PopTrayU already shows the error messages this way when it’s minimized to the tray, so it’s a nice option to be able to show the error messages the same way even if the window is non-minimized, should you prefer a less-intrusive notification.

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