Announcing: Keyboard Lights 2.0 Plugin

I am working on updating some of the PopTray plugins and re-releasing them for PopTrayU. The first plugin I have updated is Keyboard Lights, which was originally included as part of Renier Crause’s PopTray Example Plugins.

For those of you who disliking blinking indicators, Keyboard Lights 2.0 adds a configuration page to the plugin, which gives you a choice of two notification modes, (the original mode) flashing the scroll-lock key’s light or (a new option) a solid non-flashing indicator.

Here’s a screenshot of the configuration page for the plugin:
![Config Page](

Which notification mode you prefer is saved in your PopTray.ini file (Note that the plugin does not have access to the command line parameters, so it will use the default ini location specified when you installed PopTrayU if you are running PopTrayU with a custom ini location).

The installer has been rewritten for PopTrayU as well. It will default to installing in the correct folder for PopTrayU (based on thee Registry/uninstall information for PopTrayU). Shortcuts will be added to the PopTrayU start menu folder linking to the uninstaller and readme. The uninstaller will remove the Keyboard Lights 2.0 configuration settings from your PopTray.ini for a clean uninstall, should you no longer wish to use Keyboard Lights.

The source code and installer are both available in the PopTrayU Plugins folder on PopTrayU’s sourceforge project. Here are direct links for the [Installer]( and [Source Code](

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