4.0.9 Released

Now you can set do not check hours on a per-account basis (in addition to or instead of global not-checking hours. This feature was requested by work-at-home users who would prefer not to be notified about work-related email outside of work hours. To differentiate the account being ‘disabled’ and ‘account checking is being skipped because of do not check hours’, the later will have a navy blue disabled icon, instead of the usual red account disabled icon. Similar to other disabled accounts, you can still manually check the account during ‘do not check’ hours by clicking the “check” button on the account’s new messages tab. Please report any issues with this new feature on our new bug tracker .

This release also updates the translation files for the template and German, as well as a couple related UI issues. Please feel free to submit translation updates, or issues that affect use of the program by non-english speakers to the bug tracker as well.

And this update also fixes a bug reported by a user making it difficult to set per-account check-interval.

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