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Announcing: Keyboard Lights 2.0 Plugin

I am working on updating some of the PopTray plugins and re-releasing them for PopTrayU. The first plugin I have updated is Keyboard Lights, which was originally included as part of Renier Crause’s PopTray Example Plugins. For those of you

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4.0.9 Released

Now you can set do not check hours on a per-account basis (in addition to or instead of global not-checking hours. This feature was requested by work-at-home users who would prefer not to be notified about work-related email outside of

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Beta 8 Released

This update is highly recommended. It upgrades Indy (the networking library) to the latest version which should make things more stable overall. In particular, if you have seen an access violation at address 004A843B in Beta 7 or 004A7E71 in

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Not downloading Images in HTML Preview

FYI: If you set IE (any IE window) into offline mode and leave it that way, PopTrayU’s embedded IE window will be set offline as well. Which means it won’t load spam images or for that matter any external content.

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Beta 6 Released

This beta has lots of new and exciting features: Although not the most significant change, the one I am probably most excited about is the addition of “custom” to the list of colors for the tray icon colors for each

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Beta 5 Installer Improved

I’ve updated/replaced the installer for beta 5 with a new copy that fixes the bug where it doesn’t automatically shut down PopTrayU for upgrade installations. No need to update again if you already successfully installed beta 5 with the previous

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Beta 5 Released

This release has two important bug fixes: First, multiple instance prevention is no longer broken, and works once more. The option to run with the command line switch /MULTIPLE to allow multiple instances, should you prefer that, is still available

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Beta 2 released

A second beta is now available. It fixes some minor bugs in the first beta, such as a broken link to the help file, as well as introducing the option to save PopTray.ini to the AppData folder for Vista/Win7 users.

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First Beta Version Now Available

The first beta version of PopTrayU is now available. Please see the project sourceforge page to download and test it.

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